How to Work Effectively & Sanely from Home during COVID-19?

How to Work Effectively & Sanely from Home during COVID-19?

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How to Work Effectively and Sanely from Home during COVID-19

Losing our Sanity?

Yes, you do not need to tear your hair out as you work from home during this pandemic.

Not many of us are accustomed to working from home. Set against the backdrop of safe distancing measures that makes traveling to work and face-to-face meetings impossible and against the competing roles we need to juggle at home, working from home can be a challenging task for many. But it does not need to be so.

Work from Home Tips

We have once again partnered with Creative Nation Singapore, we shot and submitted a 2-part series that features 6 tips to help you work from home effectively and “sanely”. Catch part 1 and part 2 below .


In part 1, we will learn 3 tips on

  • Establishing a Routine
  • Setting our work for Success
  • Conquering our To-Dos

In part 2 of the video, we will share the remaining 3 tips of:

  • Emailing effectively for Success
  • Delegating for Sanity
  • Caring to sustain ourselves for the road ahead


Want to get more tips on how to build your mental resilience and manage your stress during COVID-19?

  1. KNOW STRESS – Take the COVID-19 Stress Quiz at http://tiny.cc/stress-quiz to find out what is stressing you up, what you can do about it and how well our community is faring in their combined stress score, in real-time.
  2. HACK CARE – Hack care with us by joining our mini-hackathon, happening this Thursday. We will come together to creatively find solutions to grow mental resilience, develop a COVID-19 mental well-being survival kit for Singapore and help those families struggling in their livelihood during this pandemic. We can hack care and make a difference in just 2 hours. Last 2 days to signup. Get on the guestlist at http://tiny.cc/resilience-hack

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How to Work Effectively & Sanely from Home during COVID-19?

by James Lim
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