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Ground-Up Initiatives to Remember Our Unsung Heroes

We are also trying to collate community efforts to remember our unsung heroes in the directory below.

These initiatives are a part of the larger community response to do something positive and meaningful during the COVID-19 situation while the directory below is focused on thanking people.

    • You can use the directory to search for such initiatives to participate in, vote for them and/or suggest new initiatives to remember these unsung heroes.
    • You can also click on the specific tags to filter ideas on thanking a specific group of workers.
      • Note: For those who are considering going to the hospitals to express your appreciation to healthcare workers, you may wish to read this wonderful suggestion by Ms Von Leong on Facebook
  • Claim” groups that have yet to thanked and show them your appreciation
  • Let’s all work together to “support our troops” as they combat against this virus in our community.

Do note that the initiatives below are not organized by us. Do find out more from the respective initiative kickstarters and Do-Gooders by contacting them.


Ideas to Transmit Thanks

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  1. Please ensure you have included information in the description on (i) how one can participate (including deadlines if any), (ii) your name and (iii) contact details/URL for more information.

  2. If you are submitting a project to appreciate healthcare workers, please read this suggestion by Ms Von Leong on Facebook:
    ... These are the times which we like to advise everyone to avoid hospitals as much as you can. They are also quite stretched as you can imagine. Being well is best appreciation and gift to the healthcare workers! They recognise that people are well meaning in wanting to provide gift bags etc and it’s great but these are their wishes below:

    These are their suggestions:
    (a) For social media and story tellers to highlight the good acts and not shun healthcare practitioners would be great!
    (b) Donate to Red Cross or World Vision Singapore for the fight against 2019 nCoV would be awesome.
    (c) Community branding to promote good practices to supplement the efforts of the healthcare workers would be more effective. For example, urging people especially the kids and seniors to wear masks and avoid social gatherings when they are unwell."
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