Thriving Fathers, Thriving Lives…

Thriving Fathers, Thriving Lives…

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Cafe Wowee @ Centre for Fathering

Cafe Wowee @ Centre for Fathering
Cafe Wowee @ Centre for Fathering
Cafe Wowee @ Centre for Fathering
Cafe Wowee @ Centre for Fathering Cafe Wowee @ Centre for Fathering Cafe Wowee @ Centre for Fathering

A study in 20171 shows how fathers’ deep involvement with their children:

  • significantly influence their children’s developmental outcomes,
  • is associated with a reduced display of behavioural and psychological disorders in their children, and
  • predicts decreased adverse child outcomes.

In the same way, many research also supports the role of a father in their children’s development.

It is with this in mind that we are glad to collaborate with the Centre for Fathering as we conducted Cafe Wowee for a group of fathers on 13 July 2019 as we believe that undue and chronic stress, as well as burnout, can directly affect a father’s ability to be involved with their children.

The cafe not only helped the fathers understand what burnout is and how it affects them both at work and in their families, but also provided an opportunity for in-depth sharing on how one can keep burnout at bay. The cafe rounded up by presenting the participants with handles on how to prevent and overcome burnout using Emmaus’ PRISM© model.

Here’s what the participants have to say:

(It helped us to) increase self-awareness to better manage ourselves and the environment we are in.” ~ Adrian

 (It provided a good) opportunity for like-minded people to share and learn about their struggling experiences.” ~ Andrew Ong

Good presentation done and thorough explanation and exploration of topic.” ~ Kelsen Koh

We sincerely thank Centre for Fathering for the kind collaboration. Our appreciation goes to Ms Joyce Lin, our FuelGooder, for supporting the event and for the event photography.

Keen to bring Cafe Wowee or our other programmes to your organization? Contact us to start the conversation.


1 Barker, Beth & E Iles, Jane & Ramchandani, Paul. (2017). Fathers, Fathering and Child Psychopathology. Current Opinion in Psychology. 15. 10.1016/j.copsyc.2017.02.015.


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Thriving Fathers, Thriving Lives…

by James Lim
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