The Unnamed Servant

The Unnamed Servant

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And Abraham said to his servant, the oldest of his household, who had charge of all that he had…

… go to my country and to my kindred, and take a wife for my son Isaac.”

… Then the servant took ten of his master’s camels and departed, taking all sorts of choice gifts from his master; and he arose and went to Mesopotamia to the city of Nahor.

… When the camels had finished drinking, the man took a gold ring weighing a half shekel, and two bracelets for her (Rebekah’s) arms weighing ten gold shekels,

… And the servant brought out jewelry of silver and of gold, and garments, and gave them to Rebekah. He also gave to her brother and to her mother costly ornaments.”
~ Genesis 24:2‭a, ‬4‭, ‬10‭, ‬22‭, ‬53 (ESV)

The Giver of “Riches”

For a servant, though unnamed (possibly Eliezer of Damascus, see Gen 15:2), Abraham’s servant was seen to be very wealthy and extravagant. He gave Rebekah a gold ring weighing a half shekel, and two bracelets for her arms weighing ten gold shekels. He further gave her jewelry of silver and of gold, and garments, and also gave to her brother and to her mother costly ornaments.

If you were there, you would have been forgiven if you had mistaken that this servant is a master himself. But the fact remained that he is Abraham’s servant; an unnamed servant. What he gave is of his master.

Faithful Servants will have More to Give

This does remind me that we have riches to give too. God has given us out of his storehouse of His goodness. We have the riches of our skills, gifts, talents possessions, time, experience that we can give to bless others. And like Abraham’s servant, we can offer out of this storehouse. In fact, I believe the fact that Abraham could have entrusted so much to him because he has shown himself to be trustworthy and faithful. It is out of the riches that God has gifted us that we gift others. It was never ours to begin with, we are just stewards of the Lord. As long as we are faithful, God will continue to give us more e.g. time, talent or treasures.

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much.” ~ Luke 16:10a (ESV)

Checkpoint: Do we present ourselves as faithful stewards of all God has given us?

The Giver of Significance

Another lesson I have learnt is that of significance. Realise that the servant, though unnamed, played a major part in the history of Israel; he helped make possible the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah and thus for the bloodline to continue. That’s an important role which Abraham, who is old and advanced in age could not do since it involves a long journey and possibly arduous journey. But this important task was entrusted to an unnamed servant. And through his faithfulness to his master, Israel came to be and the bloodline from which Christ will come from continued.

Faithful Servants will have Purposeful Work

Like the unnamed servant, we do not need to pursue significance through making a name. God Himself gives us our significance and the purposeful and significant work we will do which would speak volumes.

Checkpoint: Do we seek a name for ourselves or significance from God?

Faithful Servants will make known his Lord

“Rebekah had a brother whose name was Laban. Laban ran out toward the man, to the spring.

… He said, “Come in, O blessed of the Lord . Why do you stand outside? For I have prepared the house and a place for the camels.”

… So he (the servant) said, “I am Abraham’s servant. The Lord has greatly blessed my master, and he has become great. He has given him flocks and herds, silver and gold, male servants and female servants, camels, and donkeys.

… Then I bowed my head and worshiped the Lord and blessed the Lord , the God of my master Abraham, who had led me by the right way to take the daughter of my master’s kinsman for his son.” ~ Genesis 24: 29‭, ‬31‭, ‬34‭-‬35‭, ‬48 (ESV)

Abraham’s servant, through his words, made known both his earthly lord and his lord’s heavenly Lord.

Checkpoint: In the same way, do we make known our Lord through what work of our hands and the words of our mouths?

May God say of you:

“… Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” ~ Matthew 25:23 (ESV)


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The Unnamed Servant

by James Lim
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