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Are you finding it a great challenge to juggle work, personal life,
family, caregiving, volunteering etc? Are you running on empty?

What is Stress to Zest?

The numbers are in; burnout is no respecter of age, gender, social-economic status etc.

This carefully designed talk helps participants to explore questions including:

  • What is stress? Is the same as burnout?
  • Do I, my loved one and/or colleagues have burnout?
  • How does one begin to take steps to prevent or overcome burnout? 

Hear from James, the Lead Thrive-Synergist & Founder of a local social enterprise on how to grow and thrive through building mental resilience.

Download the Course Brochure here.

We are also able to do a complimentary run of the webinar for companies *. Do get in touch with us for more information.

* One complimentary talk per organization for a minimum of 15 persons, and a maximum of 40 persons. A limited number of complimentary talks slots will be made available each month, subjected to Emmaus Strategies’ selection and availability.

What Participants Like about the Talk

Here are some feedback from some of the trainees on what they like about the circuit:

I like the simplified pointers and acronyms eg ICED-T and 4S because it frames things in a more organized way compared to being bombarded with information


It was a good lunchtime session that helped me understand and learn about signs to look out for myself or rather to prevent it from happening. Thank you James for the session!

Frances Ng

Talk enables me to understand more about burnout and the effects of it. It also helps me to understand the causes of it and what may contribute to it in my life.


Real conversations and statistics about the state of Singaporeans in terms of work, mental health, burnt out and sleep deprivation. Thought-provoking and much-needed conversations for workplaces to start having regarding real work-life thriving and burnout/mental health issues.

Su Re

Easy to understand presentation, with good pedagogies in delivering content. The whole workshop is interesting because of personal sharing of speaker. It gives audience hope that burnout can be prevented, identified, and managed.


James is engaging and insightful in sharing ways to understand, approach and overcome burnout.


Very interesting... I learn a lot in your session


The tips shared to get out of burnout is good


James is able to cover such a big topic like burnout in such a clear manner

Tian En


Target Participants

  • Anyone who would like to prevent or thrive over burnout and thrive in life
  • Anyone who would want to understand what burnout is so they can help a loved one, a friend or a colleague


Modes of Learning

  • Webinar
  • Polls
  • Sharing


Meet Our Speaker

This talk is delivered by our Lead Thrive-Synergist & Founder:

James Lim

James is a social worker and had himself experienced and overcame burnout at least five times. He gleaned many life lessons and grew from it. Today, he makes helping people, organizations and communities grow and thrive his mission. Read more here.

When & Where is the Talk?

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