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The course was last known as the “Volunteer Management Circuit” and has since been enhanced as the “Strategic Volunteer Partnerships Leadership Development Programme“.

What is it about?

This is a “hands-on” capacity building programme for volunteer management professionals from Social Purpose Entities (SPEs)1. It presents the practitioners with an opportunity to learn and be equipped with key principles, perspectives and skills to grow their organization’s volunteer programme, which in turn will grow the organization’s effectiveness and impact.

Anchored by advanced volunteer management professionals, the learning event has been carefully designed and engages a variety of pedagogical methods to help participants learn and effectively use the Volunteer Management Toolkit and Playbook from the National Council of Social Service.

3 rans of the learning event have been completed so far and they have been well received.

1 Social purpose entities refer to social service agencies, social enterprises, non-profit organizations as well as ground-up movements/initiatives.

Download the Course Brochure here.

What Participants Like about the Learning Event & Impact

Here are some feedback from some of the trainees on what they like about the learning event:

Great coverage of what we do as VMs and brought up any areas that processes can be improved in our organizations.

Fawn Low

A very eye opening training.

Winnie Yong

The trainers kept lessons close to real life experiences. Skills taught are very transferrable.


Had a great time learning through engaging activities!

Esther Neo

Well planned and insightful learning experience.

Pearl Koh

The many opportunities to share and learn from each other


Group work, allowing us to be engaged and apply what we learn to deepen our understanding of the topics.


A great learning platform with like minded partners on a similar mission.


Relevant to my everyday work


Overall it's good. Really in-depth explanation about each topic and (there were also) opportunities to network and exchange ideas with other volunteer managers.


Open sharing of ideas and strategies

The networking session and learning from the sharing with all..

Having support networks (of people who are doing same roles) & role playing was effective!

… hands on practice on the concepts

… the discussion, networking and sharing of ideas and feedback.

Very interactive and engaging

Systematic approach to develop VM (Volunteer Managers); keeps me grounded and focused

Structured and comprehensive.

It is very practical and relevant to our daily day to day operations and these topics help to improve the process and efficiency of overall volunteer management.

… all topics that have been covered… are very interesting and useful for my work knowledge and understanding the depth of volunteer management.

Thoroughness and interactive learning

For an overview of the impact of the learning event, please click on the following to see the larger versions:


Target Participants

  • Volunteer Managers who are keen on in-depth training on how to multiply impact through their volunteer programmes.
  • Volunteer Managers with at least 6 months and up to a maximum of 2 years’ experience.
  • To maximize the circuit participants’ learning experience, each organization may send a maximum of 2 participants per run.


Touchpoints of Learning Event

Day 1: Laying the Foundations for an Effective Volunteer Programme
Topics: The Volunteer Programme as an organizational strategy, Singapore’s Volunteerism Landscape

Day 2: Planning for Effective Volunteer Partnerships
Topics: Role Design, Stakeholder Engagement & Impact Assessment, Risk Management, Volunteer Recruitment

Day 3: Recruiting, Partnering & Keeping the Right Volunteers
Topics: Volunteer Selection, Volunteer Retention, Performance Management, Volunteer Exit

Day 4: Synthesizing and Synergizing Learning

Post-Circuit: 3-hours on-site consultation

Modes of Learning

  • Classroom Instructor-led Learning
  • Group Discussions
  • Case Studies
  • Role Plays
  • Activities
  • Practitioner Dialogue
  • On-site Consultation


Meet Your Instructors

The Circuit is facilitated by advanced volunteer management professionals and trainers. Click to find out more:

James Lim

Moy Yin

When & Where is the Circuit?

Date: To be advised

Can’t make these dates? Join our mailing list
to be updated about the next run.

Time: To be advised
Venue: To be advised



Course Fees & Subsidy:

  • To be advised


Registration & Closing Date

  • Can’t make these dates? Join our mailing list to be updated about the next run.
  • This Indication of Interest Form will take you about 10 minutes to complete.
  • Please have the following information ready for registration:
    1. Information about the Social Service Agency (SSA) / Social Purpose Entity (SPE)
      1. Organization Name
      2. Address
      3. Sector primarily served
      4. Number of centres/programmes managed by the SSA/SPE
      5. Number of volunteers
      6. Number of volunteer groups serving in regular service-based roles
      7. If the SSA/SPE has participated in any projects/initiatives by Volunteer Resource Optimisation of NCSS?
      8. If the ED/CEO is supportive of the application to this programme and why?
    2. Application Details:
      1. Number of Learning Places
      2. Justification (if your organization is a returning organization to the circuit and/or if you ate sending 2 participants)
      3. Applying for Funding?
      4. Details of Trainee #1
        1. Full Name
        2. Email
        3. Designation
        4. Years of Experience
      5. Details of Trainee #2 (if applicable)
        1. Full Name
        2. Email
        3. Designation
        4. Years of Experience
    3. Contact Details
      1. Name of Registration Contact Person
      2. Email of Registration Contact Person
      3. Contact Number of Registration Contact Person
      4. Name of Payment Contact Person
      5. Email of Payment Contact Person
      6. Contact Number of Payment Contact Person
    4. Acceptance of Policies
      1. Personal Data Protection Policy
      2. Training Acceptance, Transfer & Refund Policy
Indicate Your Interest




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