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Victory over Burnout!

Burnout is no respecter of age, social economic status, gender etc. Left unmanaged, it might lead to mental health challenges and greatly affect individuals and their loved ones. The Singapore Mental Health Study 2016 found that 1 in 7 people in Singapore experienced mental health challenges.

Emmaus acts as a multiplier to help individuals build personal resilience and wellness by preventing and overcoming burnout through:

  • Talks and group learning events
    Cafe Wowee (Working Optimally Without Encountering Exhaustion) is a carefully designed 2-hour hackathon-style learning session to help participants learn how they can make work-life harmony a reality and prevent burnout. Regardless where one works; in the office as an employee, in a business as an entrepreneur, at home as a homemaker or in the community as a volunteer, Cafe Wowee believes everyone has potential and that they can thrive at it. The cafe provides opportunities for participants to learn from one another how they can bring life to their work while also making their life work for the better. Participants will also learn how they can prevent and overcome burnout using Emmaus’ CHAMPS model. Fuel up, not burn out.
  • Thrive My Life Learning Journey
    We all want to work, love, grow, succeed and have meaning and joy in our lives. Go on a life-changing personal journey with us, as we uncover the keys to living a thriving life. This is a one-day Christian Education workshop which provides a platform to review some critical questions needed to live a thriving life. Topics covered would include:

    • What is Burnout and why does it happen?
    • What does a thriving life look like?
    • How to have work-life harmony?
    • How to build personal resilience?
    • How to thrive in relationships?
    • How to know our priorities and find meaning and purpose in our work?
      Fuel up, not burn out.
  • Burnout Prevention & Management Resources
    You are welcome to review our resources on burnout prevention and management or join The Walk – A 12-day devotional challenge against burnout.

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It is indeed #resting4good.


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