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Fueling Good

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UPDATE: We have tentatively closed recruitment for new FuelGooders. To be informed when we start recruiting again, please join our mailing list.

Are you looking to volunteer? Why not offer your skills to help Emmaus enable grow more good in people, organizations and communities?

We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  1. Administration
    Fuel-Good with your admin skills to help Emmaus stay effective and efficient in its social mission of helping individuals, organizations and communities to thrive for good.
  2. IT
    Fuel-Good with your IT skills to help Emmaus be effective in our work of helping individuals, organizations and communities to thrive.
  3. Legal
    Fuel-Good with your legal skills to help Emmaus ensure legal compliance as well as ensure meaningful partnerships are developed.
  4. Marketing & Media
    Fuel-Good with your marketing and social media management skills to help Emmaus reach more so as to impact more to thrive for good. You will also help to scan the media for relelvant articles and research on mental well-being, curate them and create engaging contents.
  5. App Development
    Fuel-Good by using your app development skills to develop useful apps to help people, organizations and communities thrive for good.
  6. Photographers
    Fuel-Good with your photography skills to help Emmaus capture the action in Emmaus as we showcase her work.
  7. Researcher
    Fuel-Good with your research skills to help Emmaus build strategies as well as embark on research and evaluation to ascertain impact of its strategies to help individuals, organizations and communities to thrive.
  8. Editorial
    Fuel good by helping people to learn and grow through writing impactful articles.
  9. Graphics Designer
    Fuel good by helping design communications from Emmaus to the masses so more will know about the offerings of Emmaus.
  10. Events/Learning Support
    Fuel good by making events and training successful through events or learning support.


  • Have a passion to volunteer as a pro-bono volunteer
  • Have the relevant skills that can empower Emmaus’ work in fueling good
  • Commitment Level: Project Basis (approximately 3 months), Weekdays & Weekends
  • Location: Island-wide


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