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Why You Should NOT Pursue Productivity

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why You Should NOT Pursue Productivity What if productivity is not the magic formula for our organizational effectiveness? The Business Times recently published a piece on “The ‘epidemic of stress’ plaguing Singaporean workers“. In it, they revealed that close to half of Singaporeans indicated that their mental health is having an negative impact on their…
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Begin to Thrive in 80 Ways

Reading Time: < 1 minute Begin to Thrive in 80 Ways Mental Resilience Handles for COVID-19 COVID-19 has not just brought with it threats to our physical well-being but our mental well-being too. We are glad to announce the 3rd edition of the COVID-19 Mental Resilience Thriving Kit (rather than survival kit). This thriving kit is our labour of love…
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Keep Me Burning by Enoch Li

Reading Time: < 1 minute We are really blessed to have been able to connect with another mental well-being advocate from Beijing. Enoch Li, Social Entrepreneur & Managing Director of Bearapy, and Author of “Stress in the City: Playing My Way Out of Depression” shares… Sometimes, we don’t want to go on, we want to shut down, close up, and…
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Thriving Thoughts #1 – Recognition & Liberation from Burnout

Reading Time: < 1 minute Read the honest sharing by a mum and go-getter overcoming burnout at https://m.facebook.com/mumsforlife.sg/photos/a.444009459759595/539995140161026/?type=3&source=48 Yes, burnout is no respecter of persons; it can bring down even the most high-achieving and optimistic person. The good news is that burnout is overcomeable. if you are experiencing some of the symptoms mentioned by Jennifer–cynicism, inability to do something your…
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Being on Fire at Work and not Burn Out

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Irony of Passion at Work It makes senses, doesn’t it? Being on fire at work predisposes one to burnout. But yet, we all want to go home at the end of the day feeling “fuelled” by meaningful work. Jennifer Moss recently wrote an article on Harvard Business Review about the topic and we could…
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How to Live a Life that Counts?

Reading Time: 6 minutes We are Dying… I deeply remember learning a shocking but yet valuable lesson as a young undergraduate. There I was, sitting in my university Sociology class when my lecturer mouthed these words… “We are dying the moment we are born.” As shocking as it may sound, you cannot deny that there is truth to this…
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Begin with Why

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you have been dreading the 7 am alarm and dragging your feet to work, wondering why you signed up for the job, its time to put some pep into your step! No, we’re not suggesting you gulp down power shakes or start the day with pilates and the like (though that would help!) So…
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When Farmer Meets the Urban Jungle

Reading Time: 4 minutes What happens when a farmer meets the urban jungle? I visited the Edible Garden City as part of the DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Summit this morning. I must admit it had been quite a learning experience for me. As I reflect on the visit, here are 5 lessons about life I learned from the visit.…
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Overcoming Collaboration Burnout

Reading Time: < 1 minute We came across a good article by Harvard Busines Review on how not to burn out when collaborating with others. We felt that the article and handles are so good we just had to visual mind map it out. So here it is and we hope the various handles offered by HBR will help you not…
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9 Ways to Shine Brightly without Burning Out

Reading Time: 5 minutes Whenever I share with others that I am working in the space of helping people preventing and overcome burnout, I would often get the same response; “Wow, that’s so needed in our society”. And so, I took a plunge of faith yesterday and volunteered to host a lunchtime dialogue on burnout at the Singapore Service-Learning…
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