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Fueling Good

Everyone Deserves to be Appreciated

Reading Time: 6 minutes Appreciate: “to recognize how good someone or something is and to value him, her, or it” Are You One of Them? “Nobody notices, nobody cares!” If you catch these thoughts running through your mind and are often frustrated and unmotivated at work, there is a high possibility that you may be under-appreciated by your supervisors…
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Decluttering: One of the best ways to reduce stress

Reading Time: 5 minutes Though I am not much of a fan of Marie Kondo, I acknowledge that she and many such gurus do know better about helping people to declutter and reorganize their physical mess. And over the last few months, I observed my friends and some acquaintances and learnt something or two about decluttering of a different…
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How to Get a Step Closer to the Best You

Reading Time: 5 minutes OK, time for a check-in. It’s mid-year, how are you doing for the resolution you have set in January? And if you are in need of some handles to begin to get yourself back on track, I do hope this article will help. I’ve pieced together some small changes you can start doing now to…
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From Burned Out to Called Out

Reading Time: 10 minutes Welcome to our “Burn Brighter” series. In this series, we will be sharing stories of real people who not only overcome burnout but also thrived as a result of their burnout. In the first of our showcase, we share the story of James, the Lead Thrive-Synergist & Founder of Emmaus Strategies LLP. Not your typical…
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Be a Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud

Reading Time: 4 minutes All good vibes only! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Hang on, on second thought, it’s a classic example of “toxic” positivity. When I first read about “toxic” positivity on themighty.com, my eyes did a double take. How could something positive be negative at the same time? Sounds like an oxymoron I thought to myself. Intrigued, I…
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WILL You Overcome?

Reading Time: 8 minutes I was pleasantly surprised one morning when I opened my Inbox and found these questions in a Christian devotional I subscribe to:   1. Do you look at life as a continuous progression of improvement? 2. How do you deal with setbacks that occur along the way? 3. Have you considered that this is part…
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The Power of Consistency

Reading Time: 4 minutes Power or Power of Persistence? Setting new year resolutions may sound like a good idea but the truth is not many of us stay on course long enough to see results. Consistency is often the missing link between goal setting and realization. As the famous saying goes: “A river cuts through rock, not because of…
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Begin with Why

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you have been dreading the 7 am alarm and dragging your feet to work, wondering why you signed up for the job, its time to put some pep into your step! No, we’re not suggesting you gulp down power shakes or start the day with pilates and the like (though that would help!) So…
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