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Pruning with Volunteers for Performance

Reading Time: 6 minutes What happens when a volunteer presents a performance issue? As Volunteer Partnerships Professionals, we all love it when our volunteers are there for us, respond to our call to action, toe the line and dedicatedly plough along with us, as we advance our organizations’ cause and mission. But what happens when volunteers start presenting performance issues…
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How Not to Explode when using your Handphone

Reading Time: 8 minutes Image source With the advancement of technology and the advent of the smartphone, we are now able to do a lot more on a tiny handheld device than we would have possibly imagined a few years ago. Checking and writing emails, doing research, taking and editing photos, catching up on the happenings of our friends’…
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Why Volunteer Management is such a Dynamic Role

Reading Time: 2 minutes November 5 of every year is International Volunteer Managers Day (IVMD).  On this very special day, it is apt that we remember and celebrate the work of volunteer partnerships professionals who work tirelessly to resource non-profits and impact. Celebrating Volunteer Managers & Self Care We at Emmaus celebrate the work of Volunteer Partnerships Professionals. And…
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The Fake News Volunteer Managers Might Believe In

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Read an excellent article by Meridian Swift titled “Top 6 Volunteer Manager Lies We Tell Ourselves“. I could really identify with them and especially with number 2 that says “When I can’t provide a volunteer, I’ve failed” and number 5 which goes “I can’t make others see how important volunteering is”. So in response,…
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When Farmer Meets the Urban Jungle

Reading Time: 4 minutes What happens when a farmer meets the urban jungle? I visited the Edible Garden City as part of the DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Summit this morning. I must admit it had been quite a learning experience for me. As I reflect on the visit, here are 5 lessons about life I learned from the visit.…
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Turning Risks into Success

Reading Time: 4 minutes Risk management long has its place in the Volunteer Programme Management framework. However, if we were to critically examine the importance we place on the various components of the framework, where would we find risk management in the rank of things? How would risk management rank among all the other components such as volunteer recruitment…
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How to Prevent Giver Burnout

Reading Time: 3 minutes     We all want a better world, don’t we? And today, I reminded of a simple principle of giving that can make this a reality. I call it the “seesaw” principle to make the world we live in a better one. I’m reminded of this simple principle from the Bible as I read from…
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How to Change Mindsets and Shape Cultures

Reading Time: 10 minutes If there is one skill that I would label as a “core skill” for Volunteer Partnerships Practitioners (or Volunteer Programme Managers), it would be the skill of changing mindsets and shaping cultures.   It’s an Insider Job Too You see, despite the potential of the volunteer programme to resource non-profits and multiply resources, most people…
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Overcoming Collaboration Burnout

Reading Time: < 1 minute We came across a good article by Harvard Busines Review on how not to burn out when collaborating with others. We felt that the article and handles are so good we just had to visual mind map it out. So here it is and we hope the various handles offered by HBR will help you not…
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9 Ways to Shine Brightly without Burning Out

Reading Time: 5 minutes Whenever I share with others that I am working in the space of helping people preventing and overcome burnout, I would often get the same response; “Wow, that’s so needed in our society”. And so, I took a plunge of faith yesterday and volunteered to host a lunchtime dialogue on burnout at the Singapore Service-Learning…
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