10 Tips for Successful Online Learning

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Thank you for joining us1 for our upcoming online learning event. Here are 10 tips for you to maximize your learning experience:

1. Hearing from Us –

  • Add our email hello@emmaus.sg to your address book
  • This is to ensure that you do not miss our subsequent emails with important updates about your learning event.
  • You should receive your join link at least 24 hours before the session starts. Do contact us at hello@emmaus.sg if you have yet to.
2. A Comfortable Place

  • Find a conducive place, with a stable internet connection, where you can attend the online learning event and not be interrupted.
3. Sound Check

  • We want to ensure that everyone can hear the webinar clearly.
  • To prevent echo and to allow us to hear you clearly, you may wish to use a set of earphones/headphone with a microphone.
4. Your Classroom

  • You are encouraged to use your desktop/laptop and browsers (such as Chrome/Firefox), rather than mobile phones or ipads, to join the learning session without issues.
5. Your Learning Tools You may wish to prepare for effective learning with the following:

  • pen and paper/notebook,
  • printed notes (if any),
  • a blank A4 paper and a marker
  • a drink and some snacks
  • close off all other open browser windows, emails and put your handphones aside.
  • questions to ask
6. Registration

  • The training room will open 15 minutes before the start time to allow you to be acquainted with your online learning platform.
  • Do come early to make sure that you can access the training and to allow us time to troubleshoot (see contact number in the confirmation email) if necessary. We will not be able to attend to any calls 5 minutes before the learning event.
7. Punctuality –

  • To maximize learning for yourself and for all, please do arrive on time. We will be starting punctually.
  • If you are attending the training from outside of Singapore, do take note of the time zone differences.
  • You may wish to set aside buffer time to prepare for the training and take note of any possible disruptions to work schedules, public transportation services and/or road closures.
8. A Warm Learning Atmosphere –

  • Help us to build a warm learning environment by updating your name when you join.
  • We also encourage you to switch on your camera (when available) so we can see each other and make our online learning so much warmer.
  • Participants will be muted during the learning events to minimize disruptions.
  • At certain points, we might also unmute everyone e.g. during Q&A and during sharing sessions.
9. Your Learning Experience

  • To maximize the learning experience for you and everyone, do come with an open learning attitude to learn, be fully engaged in the learning process and share in the learning community.
10. Say Cheese!

  • Please note that photos of you may be taken during this learning event for publicity and marketing purposes.
  • We may also be recording the session so others may be able to access it and benefit from it subsequently.
  • Do ensure you look your best 🙂

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1 If you are joining a webinar organized for your organization, please ensure that you have registered (i) with your organization’s email, (ii) by the registration deadline. We will be verifying the registration list with your organization’s liaisons personnel prior to approving your access to the webinar.


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