How Fathers Stay Sane in Crazy Times

How Fathers Stay Sane in Crazy Times

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Father looking at the mountains

How Fathers Stay Sane in Crazy Times

Go from feeling like you are stared down by the mountain (and getting all overwhelmed by it) to be the man that stares at the mountains and know that you will overcome it.

A Daunting Mountain?

Whether you call it VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) or crazy times, we can all see living in the post-COVID-19 world brings a new level of challenges. Like a man staring at a mountain he is about to conquer, fathers do also find themselves faced with the immense pressure of trying to make sense of things, getting work done (whether working from home or in the office) while at the same time fulfilling his role as a father, husband, son, friend etc. It is no wonder some may be staring at the mountains (knowing he will overcome it) while some feel he may be stared down by the mountain (and gets all overwhelmed by it).

Join the Conversation

In collaboration with Effective Fathers, a Fathers’ Facebook Page in Singapore, we are calling for all fathers to join us for an honest, open and unscripted conversation with James, our Lead Thrive-Synergist & Founder and Parcsen Loke, a trainer and coach who equips fathers to be effective. We will be sharing from our own personal experiences and from knowledge from the mental resilience domain on how fathers (and mothers) can stay sane in these crazy times.

You can surely overcome this and be a healthy role model for your children and family!

Tune in this Sunday (25 Oct) from 2.00 pm-3.30 pm to be part of this conversation streamed live from the Effective Father’s facebook page. You can also watch it below:



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How Fathers Stay Sane in Crazy Times

by James Lim
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