Mental Resilience “Booster” Shots for Post-COVID-19 Singapore

Mental Resilience “Booster” Shots for Post-COVID-19 Singapore

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Panel Discussion

Photo courtesy of NUS Health & Wellbeing and Resilience Collective

Singapore reached a milestone in having 96% of its eligible population vaccinated (as at Dec 21 2021). As Singapore continues to boost its resilience against the COVID-19 virus and reopens to the world, it is also timely to administer “booster” shots for mental resilience; conversations about mental resilience. Indeed, this little red dot, can and will emerge stronger from the pandemic, as we take steps to reopen and grow both our physical and mental resilience at workplaces, in our education system, our communities and our families.

As such, we were glad to have our founder, James Lim, at the Resilience Collective panel discussion on “How to Communicate with Us” on 21 Dec 2021 at Duke-NUS Medical School with NUS Health & Wellbeing.

Seated alongside a clinical psychologist and wellbeing specialist from the National University of Singapore, Mr. Desmond Soh; Singapore’s first certified Peer Support Specialist working in a general hospital, Ms. Susan Ong; and a promising Peer Support Specialist Course graduate on a courageous sabbatical journey to rest, rediscover and recover, Ms. Karen Tay, James and the panelist shared their stories and suggested strategies on how to support colleagues’ mental well-being at the workplace.

Peppered with candid sharing of personal perspectives, as well as lived and working experiences in growing mental resilience, the interactive dialogue between the panelist, moderator and audience delved on topics such as how to best approach colleagues to offer support and how to begin to break down stigma when talking about mental health challenges.

Our sincere appreciation goes out once again to Resilience Collective, the fellow panelists, Duke-NUS Medical School and NUS Health & Wellbeing for the meaningful conversation this afternoon.

Keen to grow mental resilience in your workplace? Do get in touch with us to bring any of our programmes to grow thriving and resilient workplaces.

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Mental Resilience “Booster” Shots for Post-COVID-19 Singapore

by James Lim
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