Read Me… Like a Book

Read Me… Like a Book

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James as a Human Book on Thriving over Burnout

Yes, it is a first for me as a “human book”* and I will be sharing conversations about my experience with burnout and depression.

Come and say “hi” to me if you are at the Resilience Collective booth at the upcoming IAD (International Accountants Day) Fiesta!. It will be on 6 Sep, 5pm – 8pm at the Event Square @ Marina Bay Sands.

Here’s the “synopsis” of my “book”

Title: From Burned Out to Called Out

James thought that he was working his dream job. After all, he was in the “sweet spot” of his career where his personality, experience, gifting all came together in the best way possible. He was producing good results as he built and grew volunteer programmes for charities. He had also thought that he had everything all together because as a social worker, he is well acquainted with mental health challenges and the various techniques that he could use to help people overcome it. But little would he have expected that a series of deaths, illnesses and challenges at work and in life would leave him grappling with depression and burnout. As he pro-actively sought help and did his part to overcome his mental health challenges, he soon found himself in a new season of his life with a new calling. Today, he is on a social mission through his Social Enterprise, Emmaus Strategies, to help people, organizations and communities prevent and overcome burnout so they can “thrive for good”. Indeed good can sometimes come out of burnout and mental health challenges.

To find out more about the social mission I am on to help people, organizations and communities thrive, visit us at www.emmaus.sg

* I have yet to publish any book but will instead be a “human book” where people can have conversations with me to find out about my story.

Book cover adapted from Image by Freepik


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Read Me… Like a Book

by James Lim
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