Preventing the Worst Thing that can Happen to Changemakers

Preventing the Worst Thing that can Happen to Changemakers

AGS March Huddle
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AGS March Huddle
Photo from A Good Space

What is the worst thing that can happen to a changemaker? The answer is “burnout”.

Because when a changemaker burns out, we lose yet another who strives to make our world and community a better place. This was the very reason why Emmaus was birthed in the first place; James, our founder experienced burnout and saw that there were little resources to help one take practical steps to prevent and overcome it. And so it sparked his personal and professional vendetta to help people do just that.

On 27 March 2022, James took up a challenge, to share how to identify burnout with a group of changemakers from A Good Space , in record time of just a couple of minutes. This was to be part of a changemaker huddle. We hope this little sharing would help changemakers to create impact more resiliently and sustainably. This is indeed “ripple effect changemaking” in action.

Keen to help your team grow mental resilience? Contact us today to bring our mental resilience programmes to your workplaces, schools and communities.


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Preventing the Worst Thing that can Happen to Changemakers

by James Lim
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