Playing It Safe Over the Easter Weekend

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Playing It Safe Over the Easter Weekend

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I enjoyed discussion with my friends based on topics from the PRISM model.


Enjoyed the personal sharing as well as the articles on what burnout looked like in the general population across the globe. Thankful also for the PRISM model handout that provides handles on something we can start working on.


Comprehensive presentation that allows me to understand effects of burnout and how to address it.

Pei Ling

The models sum up burn out and self-care in a very simple manner; a lot of times we do know something is wrong but we don't do anything to help ourselves. They are good reminders for especially for social service professionals.


There was good insight on what burnout is and how it affects the different aspects of our lives, and that burn out is not only limited to working population.


The slides used were really aesthetically pleasing and engaged the audience. The tips for self care provided were really actionable and simple too 🙂


Stimulating and insightful.

Healthcare Professional / Tan Tock Seng Hospital

James was an engaging speaker who shared openly about his own struggles in the past. He also gave practical yet detailed strategies in managing burnout.

Healthcare Professional / Tan Tock Seng Hospital

It was a good chance to shine a light on an issue that most of us face. More importantly, there were constructive ideas on how to deal with this.

Healthcare Professional / Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Cafe Wowee

(It provided a good) opportunity for like-minded people to share and learn about their struggling experiences.

Andrew Ong

Cafe Wowee

(It helped us to) increase self-awareness to better manage ourselves and the environment we are in.


Cafe Wowee

Good presentation done and thorough explanation and exploration of topic.

Kelsen Koh

The speaker presented his programme in a clear yet humourous manner.


The breakout sessions were excellent. Participants chatted freely as the dialogues provided them with a chance to get in touch with their inner selves.


I now understand more about burnout and how we need to have more conversations about it, so that all of us can be healthy physically and mentally.

Xue Ting

Very informative materials from the speaker. The materials and his sharing of his experience with burnout help us better relate to and understand the content.


Organisational mental well-being is so important and today's session is a great step in breaking the stigma of mental illness.


Practical, engaging and absolutely necessary for survival in today's environment.

Alvin Tan

Very eye-opening session.

Mahendra Soni

Definitely not to be missed if you know someone burning out or if you feel like you are burning out. Invite a friend along!

Cheryl Yeo

It has been a fun night of learning and reflecting. Did not regret signing up for the event!

Tan Wenkai

Its absolutely well designed and it addresses the very important aspects (of burnout). Real life sharing. Very practical and essential for the world we live in now.

Evelyn Sim

The effects of burnout do not just stay at work; it spills over into the family and affects our parenting as well. We are indeed honoured to have been able to bring Cafe Wowee to parents and volunteers from the Pentecost Methodist Church Kindergarten and Pentecost Methodist Church Children Ministry.

Indeed, as the children were treated to Easter celebrations on the level above, parents and volunteers were at the cafe one level down “playing it safe”, as they learned about burnout and how they can protect their loved ones from the negative effects of burnout.

Our sincere thanks to Pentecost Methodist Church for hosting the cafe and to all participants, staff and volunteers who made the event possible.


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Playing It Safe Over the Easter Weekend

by James Lim
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