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Mental Well-Being Programme

We offer a series of mental resilience programmes to develop individuals, families and organizations to thrive with mental resilience.

Burnout is no respecter of age, social-economic status, gender etc. Left unmanaged, it might lead to mental health challenges and greatly affect individuals and their loved ones. The Singapore Mental Health Study 2016 found that 1 in 7 people in Singapore experienced mental health challenges.

Emmaus acts as a multiplier to help individuals and organizations thrive by building mental resilience and wellness and preventing and overcoming burnout through:

1(a) Awareness – “From Stress to Zest” Talk

(In-Person/Online Sessions are available) –

Are current circumstances stressing you out? How do we thrive and be mentally resilient in the new normal of COVID-19?

Learn the art and science of being mentally resilient and go away with practical handles on how to deal with stress and prevent burnout.

The talk provides both knowledge and practical handles for starting to build one’s mental resilience. Successful runs has been completed in several organizations (including manufacturing, legal, travel, technological, financial, educational, healthcare and non-profit institutions etc). To date, From Stress to Zest has been attended by more than 1000 individuals*.

This carefully designed talk helps participants to explore questions including:

    • What is stress? Is the same as burnout?
    • Why should I even be bothered about it?
    • Do I, my loved one, friends and/or colleagues have burnout?
    • How does one begin to take steps to prevent or overcome burnout?

Hear from James, the Lead Thrive-Synergist of a local social enterprise on how to grow and thrive with the 5S mental resilience building strategies.

*This talk has both secular (Community Edition) and a faith-based (Christ-Follower edition) versions.

Companies may also participate in the “Grow It Forward” programme and bring this talk to another non-profit to help them prevent burnout.

Average Usefulness Score: 4.1 out of 5.0 stars

Very insightful on the topic of burnt out. Good tip shared which are applicable to everyday life


I like the tips given to overcome the burnout and it helps me to lookout on my loved ones.


The ideas and tips shared are relevant to my situation. There's a need to segregate work from rest deliberately and be disciplined about it.


Short but effective session defining burnout, and providing a helpful perspective and tips for how to develop resilience and overcome burnout. Essential skill, especially in our world today!


Very practical tips presented in an engaging, empathetic way


Very informative and an eye-opening session. The presentation made it crystal clear that stress and burnout are two different things. Glad I will be able to address this and suggest a solution too. Thank you.


It brings better awareness of what burnout is about and what the bible says. The different strategies how we can cope.

Hannah Tow

I think it was very systematic & has useful strategies!


Thanks for sharing these practical tips that will help us bring true harmony to the work-life.

Phoebe Low

I find the strategies in handling burnout good handles to take away and reflect on. I like the way you link it with the living Word & applications to our life. Praise the Lord! Thank you, James.


Helpful mental resilience skills and insight 🙂


The strategies shared were useful!


Concrete tips to help us maintain healthy mental state in life.


James is very engaging and speak from his own personal stories which is very helpful. I learnt to view burnout differently and more positively!


The case sharing experience is very vaiuable. The presentation is simple and clear


Awareness itself brings strength and hope. The program is a good introduction and a pointer in the right direction.

Constance Chin

Trainer's helpful suggestions on tackling stress

Parul Raina

Brought self awareness to the forefront of my mind, not just for myself but for others.

Kay Thomson

The fact that James illustrates from his own life experience captured my attention & made for a meaningful learning.


The session was informative, easy to understand, practical and resourceful. Much needed for our overstretched and very stressed society.


The course is very informative, I learn the ICED-T method to assess if one is burned out, the importance of being aware of it- how it affect the people around us , and the practical ways (5S) to deal with burnout.


I liked how the session was brief but informative and engaging. Keep up the good work!


I really like this (workshop) because of how approachable the presenter is and how he presented the information in a very interesting manner like the different models to help us remember the concepts. Will definitely want to learn more!


Tips and strategies are clearly explained and easy to follow.


A very helpful session about the importance of mental resilience and tips to deal with stress and prevent burnout.


(The) session was helpful as it gives us an opportunity to reflect and respond and prevent burnout. The presentation was engaging.


Tips, resources and reminders to help us remain sane.


Concise and to the point; (helps) the (topic to be) well understood.

Jay Hu

Slides are clearly presented and the information very useful.

Eddie Lim

Appreciate James and Emmaus Strategies for his sharing of his own experiences and effective strategies to move from Stress to Zest


James was very real and engaging. Having webinars this way could reach us very easily amidst the COVID-19 situation.


Stress is a vast topic but it was very effectively covered in a session


The sharing of personal experiences by the trainer was authentic and relevant.


I learnt several ways to manage stress better and prevent burnout....and that we will get better and better at it when we keep trying...and the beautiful reminder that God is for us always 🙂


James knows what he's talking about. Lots of variety in the session, and some practical tips


Authentic, personal, useful takeaway for life application...


Thank you for the helpful acronym in looking out signs of burnout 🙂 Appreciate the suggested coping strategies, practical and seems doable! Lot's of valuable teachings packed into a tight hour!


James has real experiences and in turn real tips for coping and/or preventing burnouts, I'll be sharing this with a friend who is going through a challenging time too!


An informative and thought provoking session. Helped me reflect on what I should do if I feel like on am on the verge of a burn out!


This talk helps me to understand the difference between stress and burnout. And some pointers to prevent burnout in our stressful environment.


A good summary of managing stress and burnout, and building resilience in these trying times.  


I like the simplified pointers and acronyms eg ICED-T and 4S because it frames things in a more organized way compared to being bombarded with information


It was a good lunchtime session that helped me understand and learn about signs to look out for myself or rather to prevent it from happening. Thank you James for the session!

Frances Ng

Talk enables me to understand more about burnout and the effects of it. It also helps me to understand the causes of it and what may contribute to it in my life.


Real conversations and statistics about the state of Singaporeans in terms of work, mental health, burnt out and sleep deprivation. Thought-provoking and much-needed conversations for workplaces to start having regarding real work-life thriving and burnout/mental health issues.

Su Re

Easy to understand presentation, with good pedagogies in delivering content. The whole workshop is interesting because of personal sharing of speaker. It gives audience hope that burnout can be prevented, identified, and managed.


James is engaging and insightful in sharing ways to understand, approach and overcome burnout.


Very interesting... I learn a lot in your session


The tips shared to get out of burnout is good


James is able to cover such a big topic like burnout in such a clear manner

Tian En

There is also the online version of the “From Stress to Zest” talk and you can find out more about it here.

1(b) Resilience – Cafe Wowee

(In-Person/Online Sessions are available)

Is Work-Life Harmony a reality and can we experience an enriching life both at work and beyond work?

Café Wowee (Working Optimally Without Encountering Exhaustion) is an interactive and immersive session for those keen to “disrupt” status quo, crack the code of beating burnout and thrive at work and in life. It is more than a mere stress management workshop and focuses on building personal resilience.

Regardless where one works; in the office as an employee, in a business as an entrepreneur, at home as a homemaker or in the community as a volunteer, Cafe Wowee believes everyone has potential and that they can thrive for good in their roles.

Participants can expect to:

  • confront myths that prevent one from thriving in their mental well-being
  • learn what burnout and their symptoms are
  • understand the effects of burnout on oneself and our life
  • discover powerful handles from PRISM© for you, your loved ones and/or collogues to grow in mental resilience
  • engage in learning conversations about thriving in mental well-being
  • develop a personal strategy plan to begin to grow your mental resilience

There is also the online version for Cafe Wowee and Cafe Wowee (Team Edition). Begin the conversation with us.

Average Usefulness Score: 4.2 out of 5.0 stars

I enjoyed discussion with my friends based on topics from the PRISM model.


Enjoyed the personal sharing as well as the articles on what burnout looked like in the general population across the globe. Thankful also for the PRISM model handout that provides handles on something we can start working on.


Comprehensive presentation that allows me to understand effects of burnout and how to address it.

Pei Ling

The models sum up burn out and self-care in a very simple manner; a lot of times we do know something is wrong but we don't do anything to help ourselves. They are good reminders for especially for social service professionals.


There was good insight on what burnout is and how it affects the different aspects of our lives, and that burn out is not only limited to working population.


The slides used were really aesthetically pleasing and engaged the audience. The tips for self care provided were really actionable and simple too 🙂


Stimulating and insightful.

Healthcare Professional / Tan Tock Seng Hospital

James was an engaging speaker who shared openly about his own struggles in the past. He also gave practical yet detailed strategies in managing burnout.

Healthcare Professional / Tan Tock Seng Hospital

It was a good chance to shine a light on an issue that most of us face. More importantly, there were constructive ideas on how to deal with this.

Healthcare Professional / Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Cafe Wowee

(It provided a good) opportunity for like-minded people to share and learn about their struggling experiences.

Andrew Ong

Cafe Wowee

(It helped us to) increase self-awareness to better manage ourselves and the environment we are in.


Cafe Wowee

Good presentation done and thorough explanation and exploration of topic.

Kelsen Koh

The speaker presented his programme in a clear yet humourous manner.


The breakout sessions were excellent. Participants chatted freely as the dialogues provided them with a chance to get in touch with their inner selves.


I now understand more about burnout and how we need to have more conversations about it, so that all of us can be healthy physically and mentally.

Xue Ting

Very informative materials from the speaker. The materials and his sharing of his experience with burnout help us better relate to and understand the content.


Organisational mental well-being is so important and today's session is a great step in breaking the stigma of mental illness.


Practical, engaging and absolutely necessary for survival in today's environment.

Alvin Tan

Very eye-opening session.

Mahendra Soni

Definitely not to be missed if you know someone burning out or if you feel like you are burning out. Invite a friend along!

Cheryl Yeo

It has been a fun night of learning and reflecting. Did not regret signing up for the event!

Tan Wenkai

Its absolutely well designed and it addresses the very important aspects (of burnout). Real life sharing. Very practical and essential for the world we live in now.

Evelyn Sim

Companies may also participate in the “Grow It Forward” programme and bring this workshop to another non-profit to help them prevent burnout.

1(c) Resilience – Cafe Wowee (Team Edition)

(In-Person/Online Sessions are available)

How do we grow the well-being and resilience of everyone on my team?

Café Wowee (Working Optimally Without Encountering Exhaustion) Team Edition is an interactive 2-session team-based “hackathon-style” learning event about mental resilience.

This is definitely more than a mere stress management workshop, as it adopts a holistic approach in building personal and organizational resilience.

Key Takeaways:

Engage in learning conversations to:

  • confront myths about stress, learn about burnout, its symptoms and effects
  • discover practical handles on mental resilience and relational resilience
  • develop a personal strategy plan for your well-being
  • gain insights into team resilience factors, pulse check your team’s stress level, co-create ways to grow team resilience

A special feature of the café is how it provides a safe and unthreatening platform for learning dialogues that may go on to encourage the necessary and ongoing conversations about burnout and mental well-being.

There is also the online version for Cafe Wowee and Cafe Wowee (Team Edition). Begin the conversation with us.

Companies may also participate in the “Grow It Forward” programme and bring this workshop to another non-profit to help them prevent burnout.

1(d) Transformation – Thrive! Retreat (Christian Retreat)

We all want to work, love, grow, succeed and have meaning and joy in our lives. Go on a life-changing personal journey with us, as we uncover the keys to living a thriving life. This is a one-day Christian Education workshop which provides a platform to review some critical questions needed to live a thriving life. Topics covered would include:

  • What is Burnout and why does it happen?
  • What does a thriving life look like?
  • How to have work-life harmony?
  • How to build personal resilience?
  • How to thrive in relationships?
  • How to know our priorities and find meaning and purpose in our work?
    Fuel up, not burn out.

    Email us at hello@emmaus.sg or join our mailing list to be updated about the next run of the retreat.

1(e) Transformation – Mental Resilience Coaching

Two Sojourners

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.”
~ The Bible (Ecclesiastes 4:9, ESV)

You don’t have to journey alone. Have one of our mental resilience architects to join you in your journey to build your mental resilience and/or to thrive over burnout,

Send us an email for more information.

1(f) Burnout Prevention & Management Resources

You are welcome to review our resources on burnout prevention and management or join The Walk – A 12-day devotional challenge against burnout.

Contact us for more information.

It is indeed #resting4good.


We offer a series of strategic volunteer partnerships programmes to grow impact and help communities thrive.

Emmaus Helping Communities Thrive

2(a) “Walk in Our Shoes” Challenge

The simulation is a specially designed experiential activity to help those going through the activity to better understand families in need and the various challenges they may face. It aims to help participants:

  • gain awareness and appreciation of the various social and family issues that families in need may face,
  • recognise how every individual and family have varying levels of resources, and
  • understand the impact the issues faced by each individual family members and the impact it may have on the whole family unit,
  • realize that individual family members have resources they can bring to overcome family issues, and
  • understand that resources a family may have goes beyond financial resources but includes individual coping capabilities, relational, time etc.

Average Usefulness Score: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The session was eye-opening as it shows how different families cope with different level of resources


A simple activity at a first glance, but actually quite thought provoking, enabling participants to come to new realisations on their own about the challenges the less unfortunate might face on a daily basis.


As a person still in high school, I don’t normally consider life or the far future with families and planning. This experience really showed me struggles can be much more complicated than it seems, don’t let your first impression fool you


The Walk In Our Shoes session helped me gain a much better insight on what life is really like for the underprivileged, giving me a more open-minded view to accept their reality.


Was an engaging session where I learnt that there are many different sides to an individual’s behaviours and actions and not to place judgement first, instead being open to understanding the entirety of their situation!


This short session has been a eye opener to the various challenges we faced in life n avenues where we can seek help


Through their scenario play, it emulates the real world out there eg when pandemic strikes, inflation sets in, etc we have to adjust & to adapt and seize every opportunity to make things better for us, families and community.


The session let’s us gain insight to some daily challenges faced by family with needs. The game play simulates the mindset these families may face especially during this tough economic situation.


Being able to appreciate the difficulties faced by various people in life, makes you more grateful for what you already have.


Interesting yet effective way to raise awareness of social worries and issues.


The poverty simulation was useful to place us in the shoes of people's lives that we would have otherwise never encountered.

Rachel Koh

Well prepared, well facilitated. Balance of seriousness and fun. Lots of sincerity.

Mervin Yeo

I like the real life examples shared which give me a brief idea of what those in need are facing.

Nick Wu

Interactive and fun. Learn social concerns and concepts in an enlightening and impactful way through play.


Keen to chat more about how we can bring the simulation to you? Contact us today.

2(b) 5 Habits of Truly Effective Helpers

(In-Person/Online Sessions are available)

We provide training services to help social service volunteers be effective helpers. This 2 half-day training covers the 5 essential habits of:

  1. Understanding Our Service Users
    In this segment, participants will gain insights into human needs, social issues and how to make sense of the challenges faced by their service users.
  2. Helping with many hands
    In this segment, participants will engage in experiential activities as well seminar-style learning as they learn about the right perspectives of helping effectively and how their roles contribute to the larger picture of creating impact for the service users, in active collaboration with the other helping professionals in the sector.
  3. Knowing thy self as a helper
    In this segment, participants will engage in learning through experiential activities, videos, seminars and group work to appreciate the need for self-awareness, learn handles for effective self-management as well as build their knowledge and skills in being a culturally competent helper.
  4. Employing effective helping skills
    In this segment, participants will learn effective fundamental helping skills and critically reflect on the importance of the ethics of volunteering (as highlighted in the organization’s Code of Conduct). Topics covered include active listening, coaching and helping ethics and these explored through seminar-style learning, role plays and experiential group work.
  5. Going the distance in Helping
    In this segment, participants will learn to appreciate the need for self-care and learn skills to help them continue creating impact as an effective volunteer, prevent burnout and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Average Usefulness Score: 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Good meaningful and useful course content, applicable to real-life situations.

Choy Lay Beng
Volunteer / CDAC

The content covered is good in helping me to equip competency skills to be a volunteer. The presenter Mr. James is good at his presentation.

Koh Foo Lim
Volunteer / CDAC

This is certainly a good training lesson for volunteers (existing but never attended any training before; new joined in; & those intending to)

Irene Tay
Volunteer / CDAC

As a new volunteer, this course helps to better equip me to be a effective helper, moving ahead .

Poh Keng
Volunteer / CDAC

This course conducted by Emmaus empowers me to do my work better

Volunteer / CDAC

The instructor's presentation is really perfect. The materials are good.

Gao Han
Volunteer / CDAC

The session is very helpful in becoming a more effective volunteer helping our clients or beneficiaries.

Caleb Loh
Volunteer / CDAC

The training effectively helping us to aware and learn practical techniques to serve CDAC's clients professionally.

Richard Lim
Volunteer / CDAC

Learning through experiential activities is a helpful and effective tool used by James to help participants better appreciate the need for self-awareness.


Keen to chat more about how we can journey with you to help build your volunteers’ capabilities? Contact us today.

2(c) Facilitating Impact through Transformative Helping Interactions Training (FIT-HIT)

(In-Person/Online Sessions are available)

Volunteers are at the forefront of bringing positive impact as they work alongside helping professionals. In this customized workshop, we will equip volunteers with the perspectives, knowledge and skills in beginning to bring about positive impact through their helping interactions with service users. Skills learned are also highly transferrable to the volunteers’ other spheres of life as they interact with their loved ones, friends, colleagues and others.

Employing a myriad of training methodology to ensure maximum learning experience, the workshop will cover topics such as:

  • Fundamentals of a Transformative Helping Conversation
  • Attending & Active Listening Skills
  • Models for Transformative Helping Conversations
  • Helping Models
  • Basic Coaching

Average Usefulness Score: 4.3 out of 5.0 stars

Very good to learn volunteering, helping, and coaching in a structured manner. Very interesting presentation and role playing to explain the concepts.

Rai, Saunak

Many applications to our lives where we have to communicate our intentions to others in a way that wouldn't make them uncomfortable


Well organised and well-planned flow of training, Not overwhelm with information. Relevant bit sizes information. Thank you for the session

Andy Quek

James is very engaging and kept the session interesting through the various learning mediums. Also the breakout groups encouraged interaction among the participants.


James' training is very easy to follow yet very informative. It also corrected some of my misperception of helping/coaching others. It's a very useful training within the short duration of 4 hours.

Xinyue Zhang

The learning event was very practical... The (coaching) model is a good guide to helping self and coaching others.

Tan YH

The session is presented in a thought provoking manner which is helpful to our ministry. The (coaching) model is particularly useful.

James & Rebecca

James is clear and effective in his presentation. Also creative and interactive in his way of engaging his participants despite the challenges and constraints of zoom training.


Concise & good pointers to overcome challenges and seek solutions in client interactions.

Janice Teo
Volunteer / CDAC

James was able to engage the participants through the Poll, Role-Play, Breakup session discussion etc. He is also very generous to share with us some online resources. The role-play allows us to apply what we have learnt.

Mei Chien
Volunteer / CDAC

The coaching skills taught the the workshop (is) applicable to our daily lives.

Volunteer / CDAC

The practical skills learnt in coaching is very useful in our volunteer work.

Caleb Loh
Volunteer / CDAC

Good adaptation of coaching methods for online classes.

Volunteer / CDAC

Trainer was insightful, and provided applicable models / theories that we could use in our line of work. Thank you James!

Natasha Tan
Volunteer / CDAC


2(d) Designing & Delivering Impactful Workshops

(In-Person Sessions are available)

As they say, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach him to fish, he will eat for a lifetime”. In this respect, volunteers can be a gamechanger in working alongside non-profit professionals to build service users’ capability through designing and delivering impactful workshops.

This experiential workshop will equip volunteers with the fundamental skills in workshop design and effective facilitation. Skills learned are also highly transferrable to the volunteers’ workplaces.

Employing a myriad of training methodology to ensure maximum learning experience, the workshop will cover topics such as:

  • What is facilitation and what is the role of a facilitator?
  • Session planning
  • Active listening in facilitation
  • Effective questioning
  • Handles on how to facilitate an effective learning experience
  • Handles on how to keep the learning momentum
  • Principles for continued growth as a facilitator

Average Usefulness Score: 4.2 out of 5.0 stars

Amazing experience, good use of the platform to go through the session.


It was an interesting and engaging session and learnt more about facilitation. The session thought me skills to look into the details in presentation slides, importance of active listening


Keen to chat more about how we can journey with you to help build your volunteers’ capabilities? Contact us today.[spacer height=”20px”]

2(e) Strategic Volunteer Partnerships Leadership Development Programme (SVP-LDP)

(In-Person/Online Sessions are available)

This programme is a “hands-on” and comprehensive capacity building and leadership development programme for volunteer partnerships professionals from Social Purpose Entities (SPEs). It presents the practitioners with an opportunity to learn and be equipped with key principles, perspectives and skills to grow their organization’s volunteer programme, which in turn will grow the organization’s effectiveness and impact.

The training will cover the 5 key elements of effective volunteer programmes:

  • Planning & Resourcing
  • Marketing & Recruitment
  • Onboarding & Training
  • Partnership Management
  • Programme Management

Average Usefulness Score: 4.8 out of 5.0 stars

Great coverage of what we do as VMs and brought up any areas that processes can be improved in our organizations.

Fawn Low

A very eye opening training.

Winnie Yong

The trainers kept lessons close to real life experiences. Skills taught are very transferrable.


Had a great time learning through engaging activities!

Esther Neo

Well planned and insightful learning experience.

Pearl Koh

The many opportunities to share and learn from each other


Group work, allowing us to be engaged and apply what we learn to deepen our understanding of the topics.


A great learning platform with like minded partners on a similar mission.


Relevant to my everyday work


Overall it's good. Really in-depth explanation about each topic and (there were also) opportunities to network and exchange ideas with other volunteer managers.


Open sharing of ideas and strategies

The networking session and learning from the sharing with all..

Having support networks (of people who are doing same roles) & role playing was effective!

… hands on practice on the concepts

… the discussion, networking and sharing of ideas and feedback.

Very interactive and engaging

Systematic approach to develop VM (Volunteer Managers); keeps me grounded and focused

Structured and comprehensive.

It is very practical and relevant to our daily day to day operations and these topics help to improve the process and efficiency of overall volunteer management.

… all topics that have been covered… are very interesting and useful for my work knowledge and understanding the depth of volunteer management.

Thoroughness and interactive learning

Keen to chat more about how we can capacity build your staff for effective volunteer partnerships? Contact us today.

2(f) Strategic Volunteer Partnerships for Impact

(In-Person/Online Sessions are available)

SVP Training Lite

“Strategic Volunteer Partnerships for Impact” is a primer course on the basics of setting up and to begin to develop an effective volunteer programme. It is the lite version of the Strategic Volunteer Partnerships Leadership Development Programme. It provides course participants with the opportunity to explore the ways volunteers can be partnered for maximum impact while also providing the framework, perspectives and skills to effectively plan, attract, recruit, onboard, engage and retain them.

Learners can expect to learn the foundational skills with contextualized case studies relevant to their practice setting in:

  • The Case for Volunteer Partnerships
  • Volunteer Management Framework
  • Volunteerism Trends and Engagement
  • Role Design
  • Recruitment & Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Volunteer Retention

Average Usefulness Score: 4.3 out of 5.0 stars

James is an engaging, charismatic speaker that helps one to understand the viewpoint of not just the organisation's needs but also the needs of the volunteer and fostering a more volunteer-centric view towards VM.

Sheng Wei

Was a good introduction to volunteer management and the basics of the role of volunteers, volunteer management and basics on recruitment, screening etc.


It has been an engaging and enriching (online learning) experience. The information shared were useful and were conveyed in an interactive manner.


The (online) session helped me realize the amount of thought and effort that goes into managing volunteers - risk management and how to curate an attractive recruitment message to get more volunteers into the organization. It gave me an overview of what VM is like and made me better appreciate the VM team, since the trends show that episodic volunteering is more common now, so there's a constant need to reinvent the methods to attract & retain these volunteers.


Very concise and interactive sharing about all things to do with managing volunteers, with great accompanying resources!


An engaging and immersive online learning experience unlike other workshops. I learnt the basics and introductions to Volunteer Management which will stay relevant through the course of time.


Evidence/practice-based, lots of examples to explain his points, clear helpful framework, use of activities to reinforce and put across learning points.

Clear sharing and explanation, breakout room discussion was helpful to practice application of learning

James has a wealth of experience in this area on volunteer programmes and he is able to give his inputs and suggestions in a succinct manner which are practical and can be helpful!


The workshop was comprehensive in helping us think through key areas of volunteer management. Engaging, great pace and mix of activities to learn as a team! Thank you Emmaus Strategies for helping us improve the way we partner with our volunteers.


James delivers a professional and convincing case for volunteer management and the strategies for it. He provides helpful perspectives and tools for managers and focuses on real outcomes. The activities and ideas are relevant and can be immediately applied. Definitely a go-to consultant! 5 stars.


We were inspired to pause and think out of the box for Volunteer Management for social enterprises . It was a (course that had a good) combination of HR / Marketing / Strategy that we usually learn in corporates but might miss our for chariities .. which we should not.


It was not monotonous. There were discussions, games, role-plays, videos etc

Structured, informative and interactive.

Interactive yet not intimidating 🙂 Great job!

The course structure and framework are well-planned and covered at a pace I can follow.

2(g) “Uncovering the Impact Potential of Your Volunteer Programme” Workshop

(In-Person/Online Sessions are available)

How do you make sense of impact assessment and begin to uncover your volunteer programmes’ impact? Confidently conduct an effective impact assessment as you:

  1. Learn impact assessment fundamentals to develop strategic volunteer partnerships.
  2. Learn how to design outcomes and indicators of impact.
  3. Practice how to analyze and report impact data.
  4. Get a copy of the Volunteer Partnerships Impact Assessment Toolkit with its resources and sample outcome bank.

Average Usefulness Score: 4.1 out of 5.0 stars

Concise yet comprehensive coverage of essential techniques for a robust impact assessment. Especially commendable, given need to move training online within such a short timeframe! Was engaged throughout.


This is such an innovative way of holding workshops digitally and online! Kudos to James for coming up with such a great alternative and being adaptable in the face of uncertain condition that we have here right now in Singapore due to COVID-19. I find it very interactive, especially the (groupwork) portion where we can share our ideas using digital post-its. Great job, James!


Trainer was engaging and we are able to do activities via online mode. Good effort, James!

Geraldine Cheong

The session gave me a different perspective for measuring the impact of volunteerism in an organisation. Instead of just looking at the outcome which usually relates to quantifying results, impact indicators such as quality results are equally important.


It helps me to identify what specific outcome that I am looking into when designing the indicators.

Cindy Gan

Great explanation and slides, easy to understand and follow.

Hanny Boon

Logical approach to impact measurement. Provides a springboard for further thought and exploration.

Kim Leon

Find out more here. Keen to chat more about how we can help you demonstrate the impact of your volunteer programme? Contact us today.

2(h) Strategic Volunteer Partnerships Resources

You are welcome to review our resources on strategic volunteer partnerships.

Contact us for more information.


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