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Mental Well-Being Programme

Burnout is no respecter of age, social-economic status, gender etc. Left unmanaged, it might lead to mental health challenges and greatly affect individuals and their loved ones. The Singapore Mental Health Study 2016 found that 1 in 7 people in Singapore experienced mental health challenges.
Emmaus acts as a multiplier to help individuals build personal resilience and wellness by preventing and overcoming burnout through:
  • (a) “From Stress to Zest” Talk (Complimentary Talk) * –
    This carefully designed talk helps participants to understand what is burnout, evaluate if they are at risk of it and introduces some handles for them to prevent or manage stress and burnout.Companies may also participate in the “Grow It Forward” programme and bring this talk to another non-profit to help them prevent burnout. * One complimentary talk per organization for a maximum of 40 pax. A limited number of complimentary talks slots will be made available each month, subjected to Emmaus Strategies’ selection and availability.
  • (b) Cafe Wowee
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    Stimulating and insightful.

    Healthcare Professional / Tan Tock Seng Hospital

    James was an engaging speaker who shared openly about his own struggles in the past. He also gave practical yet detailed strategies in managing burnout.

    Healthcare Professional / Tan Tock Seng Hospital

    It was a good chance to shine a light on an issue that most of us face. More importantly, there were constructive ideas on how to deal with this.

    Healthcare Professional / Tan Tock Seng Hospital

    Cafe Wowee

    (It provided a good) opportunity for like-minded people to share and learn about their struggling experiences.

    Andrew Ong

    Cafe Wowee

    (It helped us to) increase self-awareness to better manage ourselves and the environment we are in.


    Cafe Wowee

    Good presentation done and thorough explanation and exploration of topic.

    Kelsen Koh

    The speaker presented his programme in a clear yet humourous manner.


    The breakout sessions were excellent. Participants chatted freely as the dialogues provided them with a chance to get in touch with their inner selves.


    I now understand more about burnout and how we need to have more conversations about it, so that all of us can be healthy physically and mentally.

    Xue Ting

    Very informative materials from the speaker. The materials and his sharing of his experience with burnout help us better relate to and understand the content.


    Organisational mental well-being is so important and today's session is a great step in breaking the stigma of mental illness.


    Practical, engaging and absolutely necessary for survival in today's environment.

    Alvin Tan

    Very eye-opening session.

    Mahendra Soni

    Definitely not to be missed if you know someone burning out or if you feel like you are burning out. Invite a friend along!

    Cheryl Yeo

    It has been a fun night of learning and reflecting. Did not regret signing up for the event!

    Tan Wenkai

    Its absolutely well designed and it addresses the very important aspects (of burnout). Real life sharing. Very practical and essential for the world we live in now.

    Evelyn Sim
    Cafe Wowee (Working Optimally Without Encountering Exhaustion) is a carefully designed hackathon-style learning session to help participants learn how they can make work-life harmony a reality and prevent burnout. Regardless where one works; in the office as an employee, in a business as an entrepreneur, at home as a homemaker or caregiver, in school as a student or in the community as a volunteer, Cafe Wowee believes everyone has the potential to thrive for good in their role. The cafe provides opportunities for participants to learn how they can bring life to their work while also making their life work for the better. Participants will be guided to understand what burnout is, their susceptibility towards burnout and also learn how they can prevent and overcome burnout using Emmaus’ PRISM© model. Fuel up, not burn out.Companies may also participate in the “Grow It Forward” programme and bring this workshop to another non-profit to help them prevent burnout.Join our Events
  • (c) Cafe Wowee (Team Edition)
    The team edition of Café Wowee (Working Optimally Without Encountering Exhaustion) is an interactive “hackathon-style” learning event about burnout prevention and management in the workplace. It takes a holistic approach in addressing both personal and organizational resilience in enhancing mental well-being at work. Key Takeaways: i. learn what burnout is all about and leverage on strategies to prevent and overcome it,
    ii. facilitate and build a strong team culture within your organization;
    iii. communicate that you care about your staff’s well-being, and
    iv. begin to set up burnout-free zones in your organization.A special feature of the café is how it provides platforms for learning dialogues about burnout, why it matters to address it, for learning Emmaus’ PRISM© model for burnout prevention and management and the strategies that teams and organizations can take to sustainably improve their staff’s well-being, performance and morale as well as build a thriving team/organizational culture.Companies may also participate in the “Grow It Forward” programme and bring this workshop to another non-profit to help them prevent burnout.
  • (d) Time Out!
    A mini-workshop which helps participants to prevent burnout caused by the overuse of their handheld devices. Participants will also receive a toolkit to begin to manage their screen time.
  • (e) Thrive! Retreat
    We all want to work, love, grow, succeed and have meaning and joy in our lives. Go on a life-changing personal journey with us, as we uncover the keys to living a thriving life. This is a one-day Christian Education workshop which provides a platform to review some critical questions needed to live a thriving life. Topics covered would include:
    • What is Burnout and why does it happen?
    • What does a thriving life look like?
    • How to have work-life harmony?
    • How to build personal resilience?
    • How to thrive in relationships?
    • How to know our priorities and find meaning and purpose in our work?
      Fuel up, not burn out.Join our Events


  • (e) Burnout Prevention & Management ResourcesYou are welcome to review our resources on burnout prevention and management or join The Walk – A 12-day devotional challenge against burnout.

Contact us for more information.

It is indeed #resting4good.


(a) Strategic Volunteer Partnerships Consultancy

With deep experience in developing and growing volunteer programmes in charities, we provide consultancy services to help non-profits build their volunteer programme, so they can level up the good they are doing. Examples of potential projects scopes include:

  • Starting up a volunteer programme
  • Designing strategic volunteer roles
  • Scoping Volunteer Management Database
  • Training of Volunteer Partnership personnel
  • Volunteer Training
  • Volunteer Retention
  • Risk Management

James & Sharon are the right people that you could approach to develop your strategic volunteer management. They are good listeners who would try to understand your needs, facilitate the process of brainstorming, provide us with significant solutions that suit our model of work.

Ie Yayah

James has been wonderful to journey with in scoping our volunteer management needs for a more positive volunteer experience workflow. His high efficiency in meeting milestones at each session, along with a heart to go the extra mile for us has allowed better clarity on where GUI's priorities need to be (especially with limited resources) by identifying the most critical functions. We are thus now able to communicate these needs clearly to lead to the next course of action. Thank you, Emmaus!

Koo Hui Ying

Thank you for the professional service rendered to better improve our operational efficiency. Your ability to understand our culture and challenges makes our partnership productive. By offering your years of experience in volunteer consultancy, it also allows us to raise our overall volunteering experience.

Winston Lau

I have a wonderful experience working this Volunteer Management Project with Emmaus Team. Before we begin the work, my heart was heavy as I felt and think it's going to be tough as I don't even know where to start from. Emmaus has made the whole process so simple and showed us a Process Map on how are we going to take the first step to begin the journey and how's going to end the journey. I'm very thankful for their experience and professional expertise in the area that guided us through the project smoothly. I'm so happy to see the end result and what we have created together. It was a success and I'm truly enjoyed the training provided by Emmaus Team to complete the whole project with our organization. Thank you Emmaus Team and wishing you all the best - continue to fuel good to many organization that need your service.

Christina Wadia

It has been a wonderful experience working with Emmaus Strategies. I am impressed with the level of commitment, attentiveness and professionalism of the team. I'd gladly recommend Emmaus Strategies for their strategic volunteer partnership consultancy service.

Katheleen Go

Emmaus provided excellent consultancy services to us in our journey to create a volunteer management framework for our organisation. They adapted and customised projects for our specific needs and were very responsive to our queries and feedback in co-creating solutions to our challenges. James is an excellent trainer and passionate about his work. Both James and Sharon walked the extra mile to help us in our volunteer management journey. I would highly recommend their services to any organisation that is seeking to professionalize their volunteer management processes.

Dr. Foo Fung Fong
Executive Director / Filos Community Services Ltd

Keen to chat more about how we can journey with you to help build your volunteer programme? Contact us today.

(b) “Effective Volunteer Partnerships” Training

We provide training for volunteer partnership staff to develop and grow their organization’s impact through effective volunteer partnerships. The training will cover the 5 key elements of effective volunteer programmes:

  • Planning & Resourcing
  • Marketing & Recruitment
  • Onboarding & Training
  • Partnership Management
  • Programme Management

It was not monotonous. There were discussions, games, role-plays, videos etc

Structured, informative and interactive.

Interactive yet not intimidating 🙂 Great job!

The course structure and framework are well-planned and covered at a pace I can follow.

Keen to chat more about how we can capacity build your staff for effective volunteer partnerships? Contact us today.

(c) 5 Habits of Truly Effective Helpers

We provide training services to help social service volunteers be effective helpers. This 2 half-day training covers the 5 essential habits of:

  1. Understanding Our Service Users
  2. Helping with many hands
  3. Knowing thy self as a helper
  4. Employing effective helping skills
  5. Going the distance in Helping

Keen to chat more about how we can journey with you to help build your volunteers’ capabilities? Contact us today.

(d) “Walk in Our Shoes” Challenge

Modelled after the Poverty Challenge, the simulation is a specially designed experiential activity to help those going through the activity to better understand families in need and the various challenges they may face. It aims to help participants:

  • gain awareness and appreciation of the various social and family issues that families in need may face,
  • recognise how every individual and family have varying levels of resources, and
  • understand the impact the issues faced by each individual family members and the impact it may have on the whole family unit,
  • realize that individual family members have resources they can bring to overcome family issues, and
  • understand that resources a family may have goes beyond financial resources but includes individual coping capabilities, relational, time etc.

The poverty simulation was useful to place us in the shoes of people's lives that we would have otherwise never encountered.

Rachel Koh

Well prepared, well facilitated. Balance of seriousness and fun. Lots of sincerity.

Mervin Yeo

I like the real life examples shared which give me a brief idea of what those in need are facing.

Nick Wu

Interactive and fun. Learn social concerns and concepts in an enlightening and impactful way through play.


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Keen to chat more about how we can bring the simulation to you? Contact us today.


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