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Mental Well-Being Programme

We offer a series of mental resilience programmes to develop individuals, families and organizations to thrive with mental resilience.

Learn mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout

Learn mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout

1. Awareness – “From Stress to Zest” & “Growing the Drive to Thrive” Talk

Learn mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout

Learn mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout

Want to discover how to build mental resilience in Singapore within an hour? Our unique program, ‘From Stress to Zest,’ teaches more than just managing stress. It provides practical tools for individuals and teams to prevent and recover from burnout, helping you to thrive.

So far, ‘From Stress to Zest’ has empowered over 1000 individuals* from diverse sectors such as healthcare, social services, legal, finance, and education.

Hear directly from attendees about their experiences with the talk below.

This carefully designed talk helps participants to explore questions including:
  • What is stress? Is it the same as burnout?
  • Do I or my loved one have burnout?
  • How does one begin to take steps to prevent or overcome burnout with the 5-S Stress Management Strategies

This talk suits workplace health programs, caregivers, and youths. For youths, it teaches self-awareness and spotting burnout signs. They learn how to deal with student, work, or caregiver burnout. It also shows ways to prevent and overcome stress and burnout, building mental resilience in Singapore.

Companies may also participate in the “Grow It Forward” programme and bring this talk to another non-profit to help them prevent burnout.

Average Usefulness Score: 4.1 out of 5.0 stars

Very insightful on the topic of burnt out. Good tip shared which are applicable to everyday life


I like the tips given to overcome the burnout and it helps me to lookout on my loved ones.


The ideas and tips shared are relevant to my situation. There’s a need to segregate work from rest deliberately and be disciplined about it.


Short but effective session defining burnout, and providing a helpful perspective and tips for how to develop resilience and overcome burnout. Essential skill, especially in our world today!


Very practical tips presented in an engaging, empathetic way


Very informative and an eye-opening session. The presentation made it crystal clear that stress and burnout are two different things. Glad I will be able to address this and suggest a solution too. Thank you.


It brings better awareness of what burnout is about and what the bible says. The different strategies how we can cope.

Hannah Tow

I think it was very systematic & has useful strategies!


Thanks for sharing these practical tips that will help us bring true harmony to the work-life.

Phoebe Low

I find the strategies in handling burnout good handles to take away and reflect on. I like the way you link it with the living Word & applications to our life. Praise the Lord! Thank you, James.


Helpful mental resilience skills and insight 🙂


The strategies shared were useful!


Concrete tips to help us maintain healthy mental state in life.


James is very engaging and speak from his own personal stories which is very helpful. I learnt to view burnout differently and more positively!


The case sharing experience is very vaiuable. The presentation is simple and clear


Awareness itself brings strength and hope. The program is a good introduction and a pointer in the right direction.

Constance Chin

Trainer’s helpful suggestions on tackling stress

Parul Raina

Brought self awareness to the forefront of my mind, not just for myself but for others.

Kay Thomson

The fact that James illustrates from his own life experience captured my attention & made for a meaningful learning.


The session was informative, easy to understand, practical and resourceful. Much needed for our overstretched and very stressed society.


The course is very informative, I learn the ICED-T method to assess if one is burned out, the importance of being aware of it- how it affect the people around us , and the practical ways (5S) to deal with burnout.


I liked how the session was brief but informative and engaging. Keep up the good work!


I really like this (workshop) because of how approachable the presenter is and how he presented the information in a very interesting manner like the different models to help us remember the concepts. Will definitely want to learn more!


Tips and strategies are clearly explained and easy to follow.


A very helpful session about the importance of mental resilience and tips to deal with stress and prevent burnout.


(The) session was helpful as it gives us an opportunity to reflect and respond and prevent burnout. The presentation was engaging.


Tips, resources and reminders to help us remain sane.


Concise and to the point; (helps) the (topic to be) well understood.

Jay Hu

Slides are clearly presented and the information very useful.

Eddie Lim

Appreciate James and Emmaus Strategies for his sharing of his own experiences and effective strategies to move from Stress to Zest


James was very real and engaging. Having webinars this way could reach us very easily amidst the COVID-19 situation.


Stress is a vast topic but it was very effectively covered in a session


The sharing of personal experiences by the trainer was authentic and relevant.


I learnt several ways to manage stress better and prevent burnout….and that we will get better and better at it when we keep trying…and the beautiful reminder that God is for us always 🙂


James knows what he’s talking about. Lots of variety in the session, and some practical tips


Authentic, personal, useful takeaway for life application…


Thank you for the helpful acronym in looking out signs of burnout 🙂 Appreciate the suggested coping strategies, practical and seems doable! Lot’s of valuable teachings packed into a tight hour!


James has real experiences and in turn real tips for coping and/or preventing burnouts, I’ll be sharing this with a friend who is going through a challenging time too!


An informative and thought provoking session. Helped me reflect on what I should do if I feel like on am on the verge of a burn out!


This talk helps me to understand the difference between stress and burnout. And some pointers to prevent burnout in our stressful environment.


A good summary of managing stress and burnout, and building resilience in these trying times.  


I like the simplified pointers and acronyms eg ICED-T and 4S because it frames things in a more organized way compared to being bombarded with information


It was a good lunchtime session that helped me understand and learn about signs to look out for myself or rather to prevent it from happening. Thank you James for the session!

Frances Ng

Talk enables me to understand more about burnout and the effects of it. It also helps me to understand the causes of it and what may contribute to it in my life.


Real conversations and statistics about the state of Singaporeans in terms of work, mental health, burnt out and sleep deprivation. Thought-provoking and much-needed conversations for workplaces to start having regarding real work-life thriving and burnout/mental health issues.

Su Re

Easy to understand presentation, with good pedagogies in delivering content. The whole workshop is interesting because of personal sharing of speaker. It gives audience hope that burnout can be prevented, identified, and managed.


James is engaging and insightful in sharing ways to understand, approach and overcome burnout.


Very interesting… I learn a lot in your session


The tips shared to get out of burnout is good


James is able to cover such a big topic like burnout in such a clear manner

Tian En

Learn mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout

Learn mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout

Burnout can stem from personal or organizational issues. Is your team resilient to burnout? Our ‘Growing the Drive to Thrive’ talk is ideal for teams seeking extra zest. It turns teams into dream teams. Discuss what might cause burnout in your team. Find solutions and start building a thriving, positive culture. In this culture, everyone feels heard, valued, and supported. Learn together how to build mental resilience in Singapore and overcome stress and burnout.  

2. Resilience – “From Zest to Yes!” Retreat

Learn mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout

Learn mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout

We all seek work, love, growth, success, and joy in our lives. ‘From Stress to Zest’ leads to an empowering follow-up program. It transforms your view from ‘Oh no, another bad day’ to ‘Yes! A day full of meaning and purpose.’ Join us on a life-changing journey. Discover the secrets to a thriving life. Our 2-day retreat or workshop is a chance to explore key questions for a fulfilling life. It’s based on the PRISM model. Learn mental resilience in Singapore to manage stress and avoid burnout.

Topics covered would include:

  • What is Burnout and why does it happen?
  • What does a thriving life look like?
  • How do I start to manage my inner thoughts
  • How to have work-life harmony?
  • How to build personal resilience?
  • How to thrive in relationships?
  • How to know our priorities and find meaning and purpose in our work?

This retreat is great for workplace health, caregivers, and youths. For youths, it boosts mental resilience. It prepares them for work and life’s VUCA challenges (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity). They learn to navigate life’s ups and downs and build mental resilience in Singapore.

Fuel up, not burn out.

Email us at hello@emmaus.sg or join our mailing list to be updated about the next run of the retreat.

3. Transformation – “Ablazed to Raise” Workplace Peer Supporter Programme & Mental Resilience Coaching

Learn mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout

Learn mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout

Equip your staff and team to be peer supporters. They’ll grow mental resilience in your organization with ‘Ablazed to Raise.’ With Mental Resilience Coaching, you’re not alone. Let our mental resilience architects help you. They’ll guide you to build resilience and thrive over burnout. This workshop is perfect for workplace health, caregivers, and youths. It teaches how to support friends, loved ones, and colleagues in mental health challenges. It helps in their recovery and encourages learning mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout

Send us an email for more information.


Burnout Prevention & Management Resources

We’ve held talks and workshops that focus deeply. They share our Founder’s experiences:

  1. Recovery from Mental Health Challenges.

  2. The Journey of Making Changes.

Feel free to explore our burnout prevention and management resources. Or join ‘The Walk’ – a 12-day challenge against burnout.

For more details, please contact us. Learn about mental resilience in Singapore and how to overcome stress and burnout.

It is indeed #resting4good.


Mental resilience helps you handle tough times. It’s like a muscle that gets stronger with practice. When stressed, resilience keeps you calm and focused. It helps you find solutions instead of feeling stuck. By building resilience, you’re less likely to feel burnout. It’s a key tool for managing stress and bouncing back

Stress can be a stepping stone to building mental resilience. Facing stress teaches you how to cope and grow stronger. Learning from stress, you develop ways to handle tough situations. This process slowly turns stress into resilience. By overcoming challenges, you become more capable and confident. So, dealing with stress can actually prevent burnout and improve resilience.

Mental resilience is crucial for good mental health. It helps you deal with life’s challenges without getting overwhelmed. With resilience, you bounce back faster from tough times. It protects you from the harmful effects of stress. Being resilient also means you’re less likely to experience burnout. In short, resilience keeps your mind strong and healthy.

Emotional resilience is being strong in the face of tough emotions. It’s about handling feelings like sadness or anger without falling apart. This strength helps you cope with stress and challenges. It’s important because it keeps you balanced and healthy mentally. With emotional resilience, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed or burnt out. It’s like a shield for your feelings, helping you recover and keep going.

To build mental resilience at work, start by setting realistic goals. Handle one task at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Take breaks to rest your mind and reduce stress. Develop strong relationships with coworkers for support. Learn from challenges instead of fearing them. This way, you’ll grow stronger and prevent burnout at work

Yes, mental resilience is a skill you can learn and improve. It’s not something you’re just born with. Practicing resilience helps you handle stress better. It’s like learning to ride a bike – you get better with practice. With more resilience, you can face tough times without burning out. So, by working on it, you become stronger in facing life’s challenges. 

Learn mental resilience in Singapore to overcome stress and burnout


James founded Emmaus Strategies, a website for mental strength. It's built on Christian principles. The goal is to help people, families, and groups. They aim to be their best and do good. James thinks everyone can be great and make a difference. His website offers programs for mental resilience. These help individuals and organizations to improve.

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