My Hills & Valleys of Battling Burnout

My Hills & Valleys of Battling Burnout

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Hills and Valleys

Chatting about My Hills & Valleys of Battling Burnout

Had an enjoyable chat with Junia. It’s amazing how despite it only being about 30 minutes, I was able to chat about my own journey battling burnout, about helping others battle burnout and share practical handles on mental resilience.

If you have missed it, catch it again as I share about:

  1. How I became an accidental social entrepreneur on a mission to fight burnout?
  2. How burnout affected my parenting?
  3. How I made sense of burnout and took steps to overcome it?
  4. How we can mess up our priorities as we go about our lives?
  5. How conventional wisdom about defeating burnout can leave us none the wiser?
  6. How one can begin to find meaning in work and their life?
  7. How I walk the talk in growing mental resilience?
  8. How did my life change as a result of my transformation through burnout?

and many more…

Special thanks again to Junia from Modern Asian Mother for having me on this Exports Expose chat.

Do share this video and let’s get the conversation going about mental resilience.

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My Hills & Valleys of Battling Burnout

by James Lim
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