Help! My Sole Fell Apart!

Help! My Sole Fell Apart!

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Broken SoleYes, those are my soles. As I was making my way to an event after sending my son to the childcare, I felt something amiss. With each stride I took, it seemed to take more effort and my path was “out of whack”. Then, to my horror, I found that the soles of both of my shoes were disintegrating. I guess I had not worn this pair of shoes for some time, which explains my predicament and my disintegrating sole.

Yet, it was a timely learning moment for me too, as I made my way to the Launch of the Well-Being Champions Network. Just as a pair of neglected shoes could cause our soles (and other parts) to fall apart, so does a neglect of our mental health cause our souls to fall apart.

Photo with MOS

Photo moment with Guest of Honour, Minister of State for Manpower Gan Siow Huang and fellow mental well-being practitioners

As such, I am indeed excited that Emmaus is part of the founding member of the Well-Being Champions Network. In addition, we are happy to be listed as a supporter on Kaleidoscope, which has been appointed by the Workplace Safety and Health Council as the official online platform for Well-Being Champions. Going forward, we will be working closely with other mental wellness service providers to support mental health wellbeing at the workplace and further enhance mental resilience.

Going forward, we will be making available the A.R.T. of mental resilience programs that aim to build Awareness, enhance Resilience, and bring Transformation to workplaces and communities. The talks, workshops, and retreats will provide practical handles to build individual and workplace’ resilience and will be benchmarked against the National Mental Health Competency Training Framework of Singapore’s National Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy (2023).

Well-Being Champion Group Photo

Photo with MOS Gan and Well-Being Champions

I would love to start a conversation with you and work alongside you to bring mental resilience to your organizations and teams. Do get in touch with me today.


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Help! My Sole Fell Apart!

by James Lim
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