Joining Forces to Bring Care to the Carers

Joining Forces to Bring Care to the Carers

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A local study1  in 2015 found that 1 in 3 palliative care practitioners (doctors, nurses and social workers) in the public healthcare sector experience burnout. These are the very people who are on the frontline, working round-the-clock, caring and bringing comfort and support to terminally ill patients and their caregivers.

And so, the need is great to bring burnout prevention and management to the battlefront; to these palliative care practitioners.

We were indeed honoured to be able to do so, together with a fellow social enterprise Our Journey on 1 Apri 2019. Joining forces for the first time, Emmaus Strategies and Our Journey conducted a self-care talk at HCA Hospice Care and shared about burnout, its symptoms and self-care tips with over 50 staff from the hospice. The “dynamic duo” from the 2 social enterprises also announced and shared plans for Singapore’s first-ever Self-Care Walk for Social Service Agencies to be held later this year.

We do hope to continue to bring our burnout prevention and management programmes to benefit more out there.

Would you like to bring burnout prevention and management to your organization? Or, would you yourself like to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to prevent burnout and thrive as a person? Contact us for more information on our services, upcoming public education events or about Singapore’s first-ever self-care walk for Social Service Agencies.

Have a great week ahead!


Koh, Mervyn & Heng Chong, Poh & Soek Hui Neo, Patricia & Jin Ong, Yew & Yong, Woon & Ying Ong, Wah & Li Juan Shen, Mira & Yin Mei Hum, Allyn. (2015). Burnout, psychological morbidity and use of coping mechanisms among palliative care practitioners: A multi-centre cross-sectional study. Palliative medicine. 29. 10.1177/0269216315575850.


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Joining Forces to Bring Care to the Carers

by James Lim
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