#IfOnlyYouKnew – Part 2: I am… nothing

#IfOnlyYouKnew – Part 2: I am… nothing

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Why do we sometimes work so hard?

In part 2 of this 6-part #IfOnlyYouKnew interviews, we hear from James from Emmaus Strategies on how he felt like nothing. Listen in as James gives an inside look into his inner world and why he burned out so many times. Today he uses his experience to help others prevent and overcome burnout through his social enterprise.

#IfOnlyYouKnew is a movement brought to you by Project REdisCOVER and Emmaus Strategies. Launched on World Mental Health Day on 10 Oct 2020, it aims to raise awareness about mental well-being and also to empower and inspire others through stories of personal encounters with mental health challenges and how they overcame it.

Have a story? Inspire others by heading over to http://tiny.cc/ifonlyyouknew and pen a letter:
≤ 30 years old? What would you want to say to those older than you about the things you go through?
> 30 years old? What advice would you give the younger you now from where you are?

We look forward to hearing from you.

To find out more, please visit https://emmaus.sg/public/ifonlyyouknew/
We thank Project REdisCOVER and Hopvation for the kind collaboration for this.

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#IfOnlyYouKnew – Part 2: I am… nothing

by James Lim
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