Self-Care Kit for Frontline Healthcare Workers

Self-Care Kit for Frontline Healthcare Workers


— Collated from public domain at as at 13 Feb 2020 and updated from as at 17 Mar 2020 —

As at 17 Mar 2020:

Donate to put a self-care kit into the hands of a healthcare hero.

Each Self Care kit is valued at S$60, and comprises of:

1) Our Signature TeaMoods (organic and natural tea blends from Sri Lanka), to encourage the recipients to make time amidst their busy day to slow down and take a therapeutic sip.

2) Hush-Inspired Notebook: A notebook complete with reflection prompts and basic sign language, as a guide for them to slow down when the need arises.

3) A stainless steel tea strainer or tea bags for quick brewing, enabling them to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea as and when they’d like to.

4) Hush-Inspired comic: the comic sends a message of empathy, to let them know that we understand how they feel, and that it’s okay for them to cry and express their emotions, especially during tough times.

5) An instruction sheet consisting of:

a. A guide on folding sail boat origami (with a therapeutic twist), as a reminder to keep afloat and sail through tough times.

b. Instructions for the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping: an exercise to connect with the body, get in touch with spots where we hold stress, and to practice lovingkindness and acceptance for ourselves.

6) Origami papers, to encourage them to pass the message along to their friends, family, and colleagues.

As at 13 Feb 2020:

Preparing a self-care kit for frontline healthcare workers. Self-care kit will include a tea pouch and strainer and a notebook, as well as a comic, origami papers, and instructions for origami and a lovingkindness-body awareness exercise. The message is to affirm the feelings of fear, anxiety, grief, and loss healthcare workers are holding in their bodies on behalf of families, friends, communities, and the nation—and to provide them with support to manage these feelings.


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  • help with packing of self-care kits
  • transportation of self-care kits to distribution points
  • social media promotion of crowdfunding campaign for public to donate to purchase self-care kit

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