Welfare Packs to Healthcare Workers & Cleaner (Project Merci)

Welfare Packs to Healthcare Workers & Cleaner (Project Merci)


— Collated from public domain at https://tinyurl.com/tq57cwv as at 13 Feb 2020 —

Youth Self-Initiated Project
Targets to:
1) Pack Welfare Packs to Medical Staff of Hospitals in Singapore
2) Collate heart-warming messages of Singaporeans


1) Donate: https://give.asia/campaign/appreciating-frontline-healthcare-workers-covid-19#/
2) Sponsors of Welfare Pack/Food Donation Items
3) Any other support that members of the public can support, we’re glad to see how we can work together and incoporate the contributions of all

Contact: Project Merci | projectmerci2020@gmail.com | Evander Goh +65 9720 6473

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