Encouraging Vulnerable Groups with Micah Singapore

Encouraging Vulnerable Groups with Micah Singapore


— Collated from public domain at https://saltandlight.sg/news/thank-you-for-risking-your-lives-1000-notes-of-appreciation-delivered-to-healthcare-workers/ as at 20 Feb 2020 —

Ronald Wong, the national coordinator of Micah Singapore, told Salt&Light that the group was inspired to come up with this initiative after hearing friends who are healthcare workers share about how they were feeling stressed, tired, scared, unappreciated and marginalised.

“We want all healthcare workers to know that we really appreciate them, are rooting for them, and are praying for them. We are very proud of them, and believe that they will see the goodness of God in the land of the living,” said Wong, a director at law firm Covenant Chambers.

The team at Micah Singapore had also observed that there were many individuals who wanted to do something to help but were not sure how.

Notes written to healthcare professionals and cleaners at hospitals. Photos courtesy of Michah Singapore.

Notes written by kindergarten children from Maplebear @ Jurong Gateway to healthcare professionals. Photos courtesy of Michah Singapore.

… Also in the works are plans to engage churches to bless vulnerable groups like cleaners, hawkers and homeless people during this time, in partnership with Homeless Hearts of Singapore, a non-profit group that befriends rough sleepers.

Support: If you would like to partner Micah Singapore in efforts to bless healthcare workers and vulnerable groups, please e-mail them at thejusticedemand@gmail.com.

Contact: thejusticedemand@gmail.com.

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