— Collated from public domain at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2020nCrG as at 25 Feb 2020 —

Over 2000 care packs were given out to educators this week.

#BlesstheTeachers is initiated by a group of us who are fellow educators, friends and volunteers who are passionate about education. During school vacation, we encourage and serve alongside fellow educators working in extremely impoverished and challenging communities in Asia.

When COVID-19 situation erupted in Singapore, we feel we need to bless educators, teachers and staff working tirelessly in our schools. Over and above their teaching & pastoral duties, they now have to put new processes & safeguards into place, take on new roles to counter the COVID-19 situation. They also have to allay fears of parents and ensure students are well taken care of. We feel that in times such as this, while they are not directly involved on the medical front, this community could do well with a small gesture to appreciate and encourage them.

Another 3000 care packs will be given out in the next 1-2 weeks to bless more educators and staff in education sector.

Let’s do our part to bring out the best of ourselves and others!

Contact: TOUCH International | https://touchinternational.org.sg/

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