How do we hold F.A.S.T. to goodness amidst COVID-19?

How do we hold F.A.S.T. to goodness amidst COVID-19?

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How do we hold F.A.S.T. to goodness amidst COVID-19?

In celebration of Good Deeds Day, we have contributed a short video (albeit not the best production quality) on how you can do good from your home. We can still #dogood and #fuelgd and COVID-19 is not going to stop us!

Good Deeds Day (see www.good-deeds-day.org) is a global day that unites people from 108 countries to do good deeds for the benefit of others and the planet.

And here is how we can do good to ourselves and others during this pandemic, right from where we are:

  • F – Focus on caring for yourself. Make sure that you are keeping yourself in good shape by getting adequate sleep, eating well, keeping healthy and using your screens responsibly. What You Can Do: Help yourselves to our free resources to better your mental well-being or join one of our upcoming online learning events
  • A – Allow yourself to be supported by others during this difficult period. We all will have days where we could do with a little help. One of my favourite quotes is this from Heather French Henry: “… No one has made it through life without someone else’s help.” What You Can Do: If necessary, call a family member, a close friend or pastor to seek support. You may also check out Mental Connect to access support services to help you overcome.
  • S – Strength your relationships with your loved ones, friends, colleagues and community. Relationships are the core of what it means to be human and why not take advantage of this period to further grow your relationships. What You Can Do: Spend time with your family members, play some board games, fix a jigsaw puzzle, call them or do a video call with them, engage in family devotions, clean up the house together, do something to lift up everyone’s spirits at work and/or volunteer your services remotely to help our community overcome this. It is indeed #SGUnited.
  • T – Thank our front liners; the very people who hold on to their stations despite the risks, work long hours, day and night to keep us safe and to help our community combat this pandemic. What You Can Do: Say a simple thank you, whether in person when you do see them or through WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS or text message. You can also use one of our free eCards at https://transmitthanks.emmaus.sg/.

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How do we hold F.A.S.T. to goodness amidst COVID-19?

by James Lim
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