Growing in Faithful Care

Growing in Faithful Care

FaithCare Training
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FaithCare Training

Photo kindly provided by FaithCARE

Growing in Faithful Care

“… I will show you my faith by my works.” ~ James 2:18 (The BIble, ESV)

COVID-19 Will Not Stop Us

The COVID-19 pandemic may have made in-person training not possible, but nothing can stop this group of passionate volunteers from growing in their skills in helping others.

We were indeed honored to have been able to play a part in bringing a 2-part volunteer development training series to CARE Ambassadors from the FaithCARE ministry from Faith Methodist Church. Over two weekday evenings in February and April, our Lead Thrive-Synergist, James, conducted two online volunteer development training.

About FaithCARE

CARE Ambassadors are trained volunteers from the church and they seek to lend a listening ear, care, encourage, pray for and journey alongside those who are facing crisis or emotional challenges, something that is especially real given the current circumstances surrounding us during this pandemic.

The Skills…

Over the two evenings, CARE ambassadors were taken through experiential online learning sessions covering the topics of “Knowing Thy Self as a Helper” and basic coaching, which had been adapted from the 5 Habits of Truly Effective Helpers and the Facilitating Impact through Transformative Helping Interactions courses.

Here are what the learners have to say about the sessions:

The learning event was very practical... The (coaching) model is a good guide to helping self and coaching others.

Tan YH

Learning through experiential activities is a helpful and effective tool used by James to help participants better appreciate the need for self-awareness.


The session is presented in a thought provoking manner which is helpful to our ministry. The (coaching) model is particularly useful.

James & Rebecca

James is clear and effective in his presentation. Also creative and interactive in his way of engaging his participants despite the challenges and constraints of zoom training.



We thank Faith Methodist Church for the privilege of allowing us to be a part of this meaningful journey of supporting others especially during such unprecedented times, by giving us the opportunity to participate in the continuing development of your CARE ambassadors. Congratulations to the CARE ambassadors for completing the course.

Let’s Journey Together

Do you also want to engage your volunteers and help them grow to be effective helpers? Connect with us today to see how we can contribute to the growth of your volunteers and your organization’s impact potential.  We are sure our suite of volunteer development workshops will be able to help.

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Growing in Faithful Care

by James Lim
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