Greater Strength or Greater Stress?

Greater Strength or Greater Stress?

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Greater Strength or Greater Stress?

How has COVID-19 affected our community? With all the spotlight on the effects of the pandemic on our mental health, is it really possible to grow and stay resilient in our work and personal lives?

We are glad to be a part of this year’s Festival for Good, Asia’s largest celebration of Social Enterprises and the impact they create! I will be part of the Festival’s Conversations. With my 2 other fellow social entrepreneurs, we will be dialoguing about growing and thriving as a resilient community as we grow resilient people.

Whether you are interested in personally growing resilient and/or in growing a resilient organization, come and join in this crucial conversation to gain some insights into how we can do so.

Watch the Conversation

Conversation: Wellness in Social Communities: Resilient People Make Resilient Economies
Date & Time: 7 Nov (Sat), 3pm-4pm
Venue: Online, register at to receive the link to the live conversation

Moderator: Tham Jie Rong (raiSE, Deputy Director)

Speakers: James Lim (Emmaus Strategies, Founder), Antoinette Patterson (Safe SpaceTM, Co-Founder/CEO), Bjorn Lee (MindFi, Founder)
More Information: Please visit https://festivalforgood.sg/conversation.html




James Lim
Lead Thrive-Synergist
Emmaus Strategies

@raise SG

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Greater Strength or Greater Stress?

by James Lim
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