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Fueling Good

How to Change Mindsets and Shape Cultures

Reading Time: 10 minutes If there is one skill that I would label as a “core skill” for Volunteer Partnerships Practitioners (or Volunteer Programme Managers), it would be the skill of changing mindsets and shaping cultures.   It’s an Insider Job Too You see, despite the potential of the volunteer programme to resource non-profits and multiply resources, most people…
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I have Changed and Who’s to be Responsible?

Reading Time: 12 minutes   I have Changed and Who’s to be Responsible? I’m no longer who I used to be. And who or what is to be “responsible” for this change? I would have to say that it is my work as a volunteer programme manager (VPM). In response to an article I came across on, it…
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How to Build a Volunteer Management Database Power House

Reading Time: < 1 minute Gone are the days of storing volunteers’ data on a spreadsheet. More and more charities are turning to various database system solutions to power their volunteer partnerships. The offerings and options have also increased over the years, with some companies even offering non-profits free licenses so they can harness their product for social good. But…
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The Power of Many

Reading Time: 4 minutes I chanced upon this video yesterday and used it for my sharing at the GroundUp ConneXion. But soon I realized I took home a lesson about the “power of many” myself. The event was to be an opportunity for people who care enough to start GroundUp Movements (GUMs) to gather to network, share and level…
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5 Key Elements of an Effective Volunteer Programme

Reading Time: 2 minutes The work of strategically engaging volunteers in a non-profit organization is a specialized one. It is an area of work which can effectively and efficiently resource an organization, build its capacity and, at the same time, multiply the work and impact of the non-profit. It is thus crucial that volunteer programmes be founded on an…
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Is there a Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon in Your Non-Profit?

Reading Time: 6 minutes A deep appreciation of the mission of the non-profit sector has kept me going for the last two decades; taking up various roles to resource the organizations I am in. Frankly speaking, it is not an easy sector to stay in. In spite of the wonderful good that the various non-profits seek to bring to…
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