Emmaus Bags Two Brands for Good Awards

Emmaus Bags Two Brands for Good Awards

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Emmaus Strategies bags two Brands for Good awards (Business Model and Social Giving & Engagement) under the “Community” category yesterday.


About Brands for Good

Brands for Good is a movement to recognize Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) across Asia for being socially responsible; businesses that make a difference while also committing to be stewards for positive impact through their business and operations. Yesterday’s ceremony at Marina Bay Sands saw businesses, communities and leaders coming together to honour 43 awardees over a range of award categories.

Our Lead Thrive-Synergist & Founder, James, was present at the ceremony to receive the award on behalf of Emmaus. Shy of being 2 years in business, Emmaus is indeed privileged to have worked with close to 600 individuals and partnered close to 100 organizations over nearly 30 projects to date.


The Strategy of Emmaus in Doing Good

Speaking about the strategy that Emmaus employs in its work with individuals, organizations and communities, James explains:

There are many needs in humanity and the environment to be met. But I believe we can do good in a more sustainable, effective and impactful manner, by fueling and growing the very people and organizations who are already doing significant work in it.”
He goes on to share his thoughts about the award and the road ahead for Emmaus:
I am grateful to God for this “birthday gift” as Emmaus approaches its 2nd birthday. The award attests to the hard work of the team behind Emmaus. I am deeply appreciative of everyone who came alongside me in this journey to help people thrive by preventing and overcoming burnout and in helping non-profits grow in their mission through their volunteer programmes. This includes my family, all our volunteers, co-workers, donors and partners who believe in the social cause that Emmaus is pursuing; individuals and organizations who gave Emmaus a chance and “invested” part of their lives into this shared vision of thriving people, organizations and communities. We will not be where we are today without all these people.

Going forward, we know we have our work cut out for us. We will continue to issue the clarion call and work towards helping individuals, organizations and communities to thrive, by tackling issues that keep them from doing so. From burnout to the lack of resources in non-profits, we will continue to stay the course to do what is needed.”


A Call to Fuel Good

Emmaus Strategies would like to thank Brands for Good and the team behind it for the wonderful message behind the movement and for making the award possible.

We look forward to working with more individuals, organizations and communities to “fuel good”. Connect with us today.



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Emmaus Bags Two Brands for Good Awards

by James Lim
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