Banding Together to Fight Burnout as a Community

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Banding Together to Fight Burnout as a Community

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Photos courtesy of Odyssey Dance Theatre

Cafe Wowee

(It provided a good) opportunity for like-minded people to share and learn about their struggling experiences.

Andrew Ong

Cafe Wowee

(It helped us to) increase self-awareness to better manage ourselves and the environment we are in.


Cafe Wowee

Good presentation done and thorough explanation and exploration of topic.

Kelsen Koh

The speaker presented his programme in a clear yet humourous manner.


The breakout sessions were excellent. Participants chatted freely as the dialogues provided them with a chance to get in touch with their inner selves.


I now understand more about burnout and how we need to have more conversations about it, so that all of us can be healthy physically and mentally.

Xue Ting

Very informative materials from the speaker. The materials and his sharing of his experience with burnout help us better relate to and understand the content.


Organisational mental well-being is so important and today's session is a great step in breaking the stigma of mental illness.


Practical, engaging and absolutely necessary for survival in today's environment.

Alvin Tan

Very eye-opening session.

Mahendra Soni

Definitely not to be missed if you know someone burning out or if you feel like you are burning out. Invite a friend along!

Cheryl Yeo

It has been a fun night of learning and reflecting. Did not regret signing up for the event!

Tan Wenkai

Its absolutely well designed and it addresses the very important aspects (of burnout). Real life sharing. Very practical and essential for the world we live in now.

Evelyn Sim

“Burnout keeps us from thriving as a person. To prevent and address it, we need to call it out, deal with it and stop it from consuming us,” says James, Lead Thrive-Synergist and Founder of Emmaus Strategies, as he spent an evening with members from the community and shared about burnout.

Emmaus Strategies is honoured to be able to bring our Mental Well-Being workshop, Cafe Wowee, to the community on 28 May 2019. This time, we collaborated with Odyssey Dance Theatre and hosted Cafe Wowee under the Summer DanceFit Festival 2019.

Interacting with the team at Odyssey Dance Theatre (ODT), we understand that the festival aims to bring the community together as we explore and celebrate the inter-connectedness the link between art and our well-being in our bodies, hearts and minds. And it was indeed just that as we shared meaningful conversations with participants from the social services, social enterprises, education as well the wellness sectors.

This marks yet another milestone in our journey of facilitating conversations about burnout in our battle against burnout and the stigma associated with it. We believe that it is when dialogues happen about burnout that people will understand what burnout it, not shun it and be able to start accessing help to overcome it.

Our sincere thanks to Odyssey Dance Theatre for hosting the Cafe, to all who participated, our FuelGooder volunteer Laetitia for helping to make the cafe possible as well as the photos from Calvin (ODT) and Laetitia (FuelGooder Volunteer).

Want to bring Cafe Wowee and mental wellness to your organization? Connect with us today.


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Banding Together to Fight Burnout as a Community

by James Lim
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