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Our Lead Thrive-Synergist & Founder – James Lim

A social worker by profession, James has a passion for helping people, organizations and communities grow and thrive for good. As such, you will find him meaningfully engaged in various training, consulting, coaching and mentoring engagements with individuals, social purpose entities and governmental institutions.

Having experienced and beaten burnout and depression, and having seen how burnout and depression affects one’s work, health and family life, he now dedicates his time to helping people, organizations and communities recognise burnout and begin to take steps to prevent and overcome it.

With more than 15 years of working experience in the social services and in building strategic volunteer partnerships in charities such as The Salvation Army and Care Corner Singapore, he strongly believes in the potential of volunteer programmes in growing impact through social purpose entitles, as well as in resourcing these very social purpose entities for greater good.

He continues to speak extensively on these topics of burnout prevention and management and of strategic volunteer management at conferences, talks and has also been featured in media and publications.

In combining his passions in these two areas, he also founded Emmaus Strategies, an award-winning Social Enterprise, in 2017 and today, he continues to “fuel good” in what he does.

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