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Our Lead Thrive-Synergist & Founder – James Lim

James graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Sociology. Trained as a social worker, he has taken up various appointments in the social service sector over the last 15 years. He specializes in programme, workflow and database systems development and has worked to put in place Volunteer Development & Partnerships (VDP) systems for organizations. In his professional engagements in Volunteer Programme Management with organizations such as The Salvation Army and Care Corner Singapore Ltd, James worked on the strategic development and engagement of volunteer resources, in helping the organizations fulfil their missions and visions.

Throughout his career, he has also been involved in casework management, project management, policy and programme development work as well as training.

James is passionate about seeing the standard of VDP practice in Singapore grow. Today, he continues to share his VDP know-how with practitioners in conferences and with governmental, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, including NUSSU Volunteer Action Committee (NVAC), NVPC (National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre), MOVE (Managing & Organizing Volunteer Efforts), NCSS (National Council of Social Service) and PA (People’s Association). He is also currently serving in the Christian Outreach & Social Concerns team in his church, Pentecost Methodist Church. He has also been interviewed by the media (including Mediacorp and Lianhe Zaobao) on volunteer management and has also contributed literature and articles on volunteer management for organizations and publications (such as MOVE and NVPC).

In equipping practitioners with knowledge and perspectives in VDP, he mentors prospective social service leaders with the NCSS Sun Ray Scheme. He also loves equipping people to be effective and has been involved in various personal effectiveness and volunteer trainings with volunteers, volunteer leaders, students and teachers.

He was also part of the pro-tem committee for the formation of the professional body of volunteer programme managers in Singapore, MOVE, in 2006 and headed many sub-committees. Today, he continues to help grow organizations and volunteer programme management staff through volunteer management consultancy and co-leads the Singapore Salesforce Non-Profit User Group.

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