🟡🔺🟩 NOT Game Over with COVID

🟡🔺🟩 NOT Game Over with COVID

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Singapore Enter New Phase in Pandemic Fight

Singapore entered the stabilization phase a month ago; we are now in a new phase in our fight with the COVID-19 pandemic. While things may seem to be going back to some normalcy, as we learn to live with the virus, I am reminded that what we have today is possible only with the fierce fight we have put up alongside our frontliners and as one community.

Emmaus Fighting to Stay in the Game

In a similar way, we are confident that Emmaus will enter this new phase with Singapore, as we resolve to continue fueling the impact made by social purpose entities and changemakers by enabling them. But I have to be honest that the last year hasn’t been easy. We had to make various tough decisions to ride out this pandemic as a social enterprise to conserve resources, review programmes, innovate and enhance them to ensure its relevance in the new normal.

What I have been up to

For me, I commenced working part-time as a Volunteer Partnerships Practitioner in the social service sector from Jan this year. With this, I hope to (i) offer myself to help grow volunteer partnerships from a closer range, (ii) continue to stay connected to practice on the ground and (iii) help resource and sustain the work of Emmaus. I have also pursued global accreditation and am glad to share that I have obtained my Certification of Volunteer Administration (CVA).

Our Thanksgiving for the Past Year

Today, I am glad that say that Emmaus is still in the game and we hope to stay in it for the long haul; continuing to serve our social purpose entities and changemakers so more good can be done. And for this, we have you, our kind supporters, to thank for what we have been able to achieve.

Here’s our Stewardship & Thanksgiving Report to mark our 4th birthday today.

Emmaus Stewardship Report 2021



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🟡🔺🟩 NOT Game Over with COVID

by James Lim
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