We help you thrive for good.


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An overview of how we fuel good


Life should be purposeful and impactful. We provide burnout prevention and management programmes to help individuals prevent and overcome burnout. It is really #resting4good.


Non-profits make our world a better place and they should be resourced to grow in impact. We provide Strategic Volunteer Partnerships Consultancy and Training services to help non-profits build their volunteer programme, so they can level up the good they are doing.


We are Emmaus 

“Didn’t our hearts burn within us”
~ Luke 24:32a, The Bible.

Emmaus Strategies has been birthed forth from a desire to “fuel good”. We believe that every individual, organization and community can live out the best version of who they are meant to be. As such, we are on a social mission to multiply good by partnering and journeying with people and organizations to help them thrive for good.


Singaporeans are among the most stressed at work in the world. In fact, work is a leading cause of rising stress levels in the country.

“Singaporeans are among the most stressed at work, globally” | HumanResourcesOnline | 27 Mar 2019

Compared to the global average of 84%, 92% of Singaporeans reported feeling stressed.

“A whopping 92% of working Singaporeans are stressed – and women are prioritising families over themselves, study finds” | Business Insider Singapore | 26 Mar 2019


72% of employers in Singapore consider stress and mental health an issue affecting productivity.

“72% of employers in Singapore consider stress an issue affecting productivity” | humanresourcesonline.net | 28 Jul 2017

84% of employers said increasing employee engagement in health and well-being is a top priority for them.

“60% of Singaporean staff experience above average stress levels” | HumanResourcesOnline | 28 May 2018


More in Singapore (1 in 7) suffered from a mental disorder in their lifetimes, according to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

…about three-quarters have never sought any professional help.

“6 common mental disorders affecting Singaporeans today and where you can go to get help” | Business Insider | 13 Dec 2018

“President’s Challenge 2019 launched with focus on mental health| The Straits Times” | 30 Jan 2019

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Our Team

Much of the good and impact fueled by Emmaus is possible because of the dedication and effort of our staff members and volunteers.


Lead Thrive-Synergist & Founder

James founded and leads our Social Enterprise. He enjoys training individuals to prevent and overcome burnout, so they can thrive as a person. He also specializes in strategic volunteer partnerships and has helped many charities with their volunteer programmes.


FuelGooder (Marketing Champion)

Linnette plays the important role of helping to raise the profile of the work of Emmaus. With her interest in reading and her flair in writing, she contributes articles to fuel good. She is also constantly cooking up marketing initiatives to extend the reach of the work of Emmaus.

Thuy Anh

Associate Thrive-Synergist

Thuy Anh is our Associate Thrive-Synergist. She began her stint with Emmaus as our FuelGooder volunteer, offering valuable assistance in the areas of research and photography. Today, she combines her passion and her skills in research, and dedicates her time on projects in Emmaus to help organizations thrive. 

Our Volunteers


Our team of FuelGooder volunteers offer their time and talents in growing good in people and our community. They strongly believe that one can “fuel good” and “feel good” at the same time.

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